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Top Ten Pimp My Ride Episodes!

For three seasons you've watched rapper, Xzibit, and the crew at West Coast Customs transform hunks of junk into pimped out rides. Check out which episodes of Pimp My Ride made it to Kidzworld's Top Ten!

#10. 1989 Nissan 240SX - Episode 207

Originally, Quoc-Viet (the owner of the car) had tried to work on his car by himself, but when the tape that was holding everything together started to come loose, it was time for Xzibit to step up to the plate. In this car, the West Coast crew installed a total of six screens and three Xbox's! Neon lights were added to the bottom of the car and to the inside of the doors. And as a special treat, Xzibit gave Quoc-Viet 13 video games from EA to play on his new gaming systems!

#9. 1974 Chevy Luv - Episode 109

When this truck rolled into the West Coast shop it was seriously hurtin'. It was yellow, with an old camper on the back that was falling apart. Xzibit and the rest of the guys quickly went to work to make this a hot new ride. They traded in the faded yellow paint for some true blue pearl with flames roaring up the front hood. Instead of throwing on another camper, they made it so the truck bed could rise up into a camper. To top it off, Xzibit gave Neil, the Chevy Luv's owner a bunch of new camping gear.

#8. 1972 Land Cruiser - Episode 114

Gabriella is a yoga instructor but her 1972 Land Cruiser was anything but zen. It was completely falling apart and didn't even have doors! But when the boys from West Coast got their hands on it, this tattered truck was about to be re-vamped. First thing, the Land Cruiser gets a brand new paint job and a couple doors. They add in a fountain between the seats, a brand new sound system complete with subwoofer and a bamboo floor in the back! Over $21,000 were put into this pimped out ride and Xzibit sent Gabriella on a three-day yoga retreat.

#7. 1967 Ford Mustang - Episode 106

For this episode of Pimp My Ride, they pimped out the car so much, that the vehicle wasn't even street legal! The boys added flaming tailpipes to "Matty Mustang" but had to take them off when they realized they were against the law. They still managed to transform this heap of metal into a sparkling new ride complete with DVD player and surround-sound stereo system!

#6. 1988 Daihatsu Hi-Jet - Episode 101
You won't see a ton of Hi-Jets on the road, and you certainly won't see any that look as cool as 18 year-old Wyatt's. After Xzibit and the guys from West Coast Customs got their hands on it, the Hi-Jet was a pimp-mobile! They gave it a brand-new smokin' paint job, a mini-fridge, a DVD player and a guitar amp! There were so many added electronics to this van that a new battery system had to be added to support it all.

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