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Summer Prize Pack - Boys Toys (pg. 2)

Batman Begins Sword

  • Batman Begins Sword - Unleash your Bat Powers with a Batman Ninja Sword. The sword reacts with awesome battle sound effects when you swing it, so you can feel like Batman himself as you destroy evil. The Electronic Ninja Sword pack also comes with a set of Batman Ninja Stars and Nunchakus.
  • Batman Begins 3 in 1 Gauntlet

  • Batman Begins 3 in 1 Gauntlet - The Batman Begins Gauntlet straps onto your wrist and comes with three wicked Batman accessories so you're ready to defeat the enemies. The Gauntlet includes a Batman disc launcher, a Dart Shooter and a Batman Light, that projects the infamous Batman symbol onto the walls of your bedroom, kitchen or anywhere else in Gotham City.
  • Crazy Chalk Sidewalk Stampers

  • Summer is all about getting outside and being creative! With Crazy Chalk Sidewalk Stampers, you can transform your driveway into a baseball diamond or your fron sidewalk into a colorful mural that will have all the neighbors stopping to check it out. The kit contains sticks of chalk, stencils, and powdered chalk!
  • Wild Science Book

  • Summer is about getting out and experiencing nature - which can also mean getting up close and personal with wildlife. Flip through Wild Science from Raincoast Books. Read stories from ten different scientists about their studies on different wildlife - from sea otters to grizzly bears. The info might just come in handy during your next camping trip.
  • Junior Ready Bed

  • You're bound to be going to a ton of slumber parties this summer so you're going to need a cool sleeping bag. The Junior Ready Bed isn't just an average sleeping bag though - it's a funky air mattress complete with a stylin' sleeping bag so you'll be the hippest kid at the next big sleepover.
  • You Gotta Be Kidding Board Game

  • Would you rather be born with an elephant nose or a giraffe neck? And would you rather eat a head of rotten lettuce or drink a glass of sour milk? These are a couple of the questions you might have to answer in You Gotta Be Kidding, a fun new game from Zobmondo Entertainment!
  • Beach Heads

  • Beach Heads - Make weird and wacky faces at the beach this summer with Beach Heads sand toys. Mold the 3-D head into the sand, then get creative using the various face and body parts. Make the wacky-looking characters as they appear on the package or create your own beach creatures by mixing and matching the different parts.
  • Batman and Fantastic Four Cards

  • Batman and Fantastic Four Cards - The starter decks for the Vs. System card game of superhero combat include 26 cards so you can battle Batman and his buddies against Ra's Al Ghul and his minions. It also has some simple instructions so beginner players can learn to play. Both decks are all about causing serious damage with Batman, Robin, Catwoman and more of your fave comic book characters, so it's perfect for high-energy duels!.
  • Tek Tag

  • Tek Tag - Defend your pod and try to tag your opponent with Tek Tag - the ultimate electronic game of balance and skill. Each electronic arm band uses touch-sensitive sensors with sound effects, warning sirens and a digital display. Great for indoor or outdoor play.
  • Pirates Game

  • WizKids Pirates Game - The Pirates of the Spanish Main Constructible Strategy game from Wizkids gives you 101 new ways to make yer friends walk the plank! Collect islands, treasure or special crew, and build a pirate ship out of the playing cards.
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