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Nintendo Brain Games and X-Men Sentinel Video Clip!

It's time for more of the latest video game news from Kidzworld! We have the scoop on cool new video games for your brain from Nintendo as well as a video trailer of the mutant-smashing Sentinel robots from the upcoming X-Men: The Official Game video game. Plus, a list of what new games are dropping this week! Check it all out here.


Snowy the Bear's New Mini-Game

Snowy the polar bear has a new mini-game with Snowy: Lunch Rush. He's opened up a restaurant to win a contest and needs your help to keep the customers happy. It's a 14MB game download for a one-hour demo and you can find it, and more games, right here.

Lara Croft Returns in Tomb Raider: Legend!

She's been in video games for 10 years and has two movies starring Angelina Jolie. Now she's back in Tomb Raider: Legend for the PC, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360! What's the scoop on her new adventures? Find out with our Tomb Raider: Legend video game review!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Exercise Your Brain With a Video Game

Video games are bad for you, right? No way! Not only are there the Dance Dance Revolution games, which are great for getting your chubby butt into shape but now Nintendo has video games that exercise your brain! With the upcoming Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day, Big Brain Academy, and Sudoku Gridmaster games you can have fun and get smarter. These games rate your ability to play mini-games that stimulate your brain and turn your grey matter from pudgy porridge into a lean, mean, thinkin' machine! Check out when these Nintendo DS video games drop.

  • Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day - April 17, 2006
  • Big Brain Academy - May 29, 2006
  • Sudoku Gridmaster - June 26, 2006

Sentinels Attack in X-Men Video Game!

The X-Men: The Last Stand movie and X-Men: The Official Game video game are coming and they're bringing the awesomely powerful Sentinel robots from Marvel comics to live! You can wait until May to check 'em out, or you can click below and download a video of Nightcrawler getting smacked around by one.

What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • April 11 - Monster Rancher EVO for PS2.
  • April 11 - Tomb Raider: Legend for PC, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360.
  • April 11 - Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked for PS2.
  • April 12 - Bone: The Great Cow Race for PC.

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The New Beast - Cool or Not?

  • He looks awesome.
  • I prefer the comic version.
  • I'll wait until I see the movie!
  • Wolverine's too tall!

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