Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii Game Consoles Launch!

Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii Game Consoles Launch! - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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The Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii launch this week! Get the 411 on each game system here!

The biggest news in gaming since the Xbox 360 dropped is here � the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii are launching! We have the 411 for you in this week's gaming news so check it out and get the goods on which game system is the one for you. Plus, Christmas is coming and new video games are popping up like a bad case of zits. Check out the list below to see all the new games!

Game Console Showdown � Xbox 360

Microsoft's game system is old news now, but here's a blast from the past with the 411 on what makes the Xbox 360 kick! It launched with a $400 US price tag, three 3.2Ghz CPUs, 512 MB of RAM, a 500Mhz graphics chip, a 20 GB hard drive, wireless controllers and the awesome Xbox Live for online gaming! The biggest bummer about the Xbox 360 is that it can't play many old Xbox games and doesn't do HDTV very well. Here's how it rates!

Power: 4

Price: 4

Games: 3

Online: 4

Overall: 4

Game Console Showdown � Playstation 3

Sony's PS3 drops on November 17, 2006 � that's Friday, peeps! The system has six 3.2 GHz CPUs, 256 MB of RAM, a 550Mhz graphics chip, a 60GB hard drive, wireless controllers, WiFi internet for online gaming and it can play Playstation and PS2 games! The PS3's problem is the price - $600 US, unless you buy a crippled system. Here's how it rates!

Power: 5

Price: 2

Games: 4

Online: 3

Overall: 4

Game Console Showdown � Nintendo Wii

The big N drops the Wii on Sunday, November 19, 2006. Nintendo's new console is� weird. It has a lightweight CPU, 512 MB of RAM, a strange new wireless controller, built-in WiFi internet for online gaming, news and other options. The Wii can also hook up with a Nintendo DS for game options and it not only plays old Gamecube games, you can also download Nintendo, Super Nintendo and N64 games with it! Oh, and it's super cheap - only $250 US. Here's how it rates!

Power: 3

Price: 5

Games: 5

Online: 4

Overall: 5

PS3 vs. Xbox 360 vs. Wii - Console Comparison!

The final word splits the consoles into two groups, the Nintendo Wii and everything else. The Wii wins out big because you get so much gaming goodness for such a low price. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are toe-to-toe. The big question is � can you afford the PS3's whopping $600 price tag?

What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • November 14 - Backyard Baseball 2007 for PC.
  • November 14 - Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses for PS2.
  • November 14 - Bionicle Heroes for DS, Gamecube, GBA, PC and PS2.
  • November 14 - Bomberman Land Touch! for DS.
  • November 14 - Rayman Raving Rabbids for DS, PC and PSP.
  • November 14 - Catz for PC.
  • November 14 - Charlotte's Web for DS and GBA.
  • November 14 - DDR Ultramix 4 for Xbox.
  • November 14 - Dogz for PC.
  • November 14 - Eragon for DS, GBA, PS2, PSP, Xbox and Xbox 360.
  • November 14 - Final Fantasy III for DS.
  • November 14 - Gunpey for PSP.
  • November 14 - Happy Feet for DS, Gamecube, GBA, PS2 and Xbox.
  • November 14 - Horsez for PS2.
  • November 14 - Justice League Heroes for PSP.
  • November 14 - Monster Bomber for DS.
  • November 14 - Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles for PS2.
  • November 14 - NFL Street 3 for PS2 and PSP.
  • November 14 - Over the Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts! for PSP.
  • November 14 - Pimp My Ride for PS2 and PSP.
  • November 14 - Shrek Smash and Crash Racing for PS2 and PSP.
  • November 14 - Sonic the Hedgehog for GBA and Xbox 360.
  • November 14 - SingStar Rocks! for PS2.
  • November 14 - Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2 for DS.
  • November 14 - Tomb Raider Legend for DS, GBA and Gamecube.
  • November 14 - Totally Spies 2: Undercover for GBA and DS.
  • November 14 - WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2007 for PS2.
  • November 14 - Xiaolin Showdown for PS2 and PSP.
  • November 14 - Yoshi's Island DS for DS.
  • November 14 - Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force for PSP.
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