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Dance Dance Revolution: SuperNOVA: PS2 Game Review

Music lovers, it's time to get your game on with Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA! This new PS2 game is packed with over 70 booty-shakin' songs, including hits from top artists like Fall Out Boy, David Bowie, Kelly Clarkson and more! But, is all this music and dancing fun or foul? Gary put his feet to the test to bring you this game review.

DDR SuperNOVA - Movin' and Groovin'

DDR is all about music with thumping beats - you tap buttons, or stomp your feet on the dance pad, in time with the beat to score points and win challenges. You can groove to the tunes in a bunch of modes - from single player modes, exercise modes (dance pads only, unless you want super-fit thumbs!) and the multiplayer Battle Mode for dance-offs with your friends! You can even plug in an EyeToy for the full-body dance action.

DDR SuperNOVA - Dancing Mania!

This game is packed with so much cool stuff it's hard to pick a fave! From the cool tunes to the funky 3D dancers, it's fun. The best part has to be that, if you grab dance pads, it actually gets you moving! You can practice at home, amaze your friends at the arcade and get fit and healthy while you do it.

DDR SuperNOVA - Lame Tunes and Flaws

The biggest bummer is that DDR: SuperNOVA will boo you if you miss a step. It's way harsher than the occasional boo you'd get from the old DDR: Extreme 2 and DDR Ultramix 3 games. You also need to drop some extra $$$ on dance pads or you're just twiddling your thumbs.

DDR SuperNOVA - Does It Have Dancin' Groove?

It has tunes, energy and attitude! The excessive booing is weak and you need the dance pads for the full fun-factor. But DDR: SuperNOVA is still an awesome game and a great way to sweat off some of those Thanksgiving pounds.

DDR SuperNOVA Thumbs Up:

  • Get your groove on and shake your butt.
  • Awesome tunes from famous artists.
  • Impress your friends at the arcade.
  • Dance your pudgy self into a smaller pair of jeans!

DDR SuperNOVA Thumbs Down:

  • Getting booed sucks.
  • Without the dance pads it's ho-hum.

Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA Game Rating:

Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA is available for:

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Fave DDR Band? Vote!

  • Fall Out Boy!
  • David Bowie!
  • Captain Jack!
  • Kelly Clarkson!

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