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Pirates of the Caribbean: Isla Cruces Playset Review

Pirates of the Caribbean: Isla Cruces Playset Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Mar 08, 2007
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Relive the battles from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest with the Isla Cruces playset! Here’s a toy review.

With swords and pistols, Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and the other pirate heroes and villains in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, battled for control of Davey Jones’ greatest treasure! The movie was packed with incredible battles and now you can bring one to life in your living room with the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest - Isla Cruces playset. This mondo box of piratey fun has some easy instructions on building the island fort complete with runaway waterwheel and other action parts. It’s a bit flimsy and kinda expensive, but it’s a great fort for all kinds of action figures so you can have a lot of fun with it. Especially launching the wheel down the stairs after your cat!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Isla Cruces Playset Thumbs Up:

  • Easy to build.
  • Big enough to work with lots of action figures.
  • Cool launchable wheel!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Isla Cruces Playset Thumbs Down:

  • It’s pretty flimsy.
  • A little expensive.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Isla Cruces Playset Rating: 4

Age: 6 and up.
Price Range: 3

Price Range Legend
$0-$15 =1
$16-$30 =2
$31-$45 =3
$46-$60 =4
$60+ = 5

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