Mario Strikers Charged - Nintendo Wii Game Cheats

Unlock more stadiums, captains, game modes and cheats with these game hints for Mario Strikers Charged!
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Mario Strikers Charged takes the crazy soccer action of the award-winning Super Mario Strikers for Gamecube and powers it up for the Nintendo Wii! The action-packed game is loaded with modes, stadiums, team captains and even cheats for you to unlock - if you know how. It's Cheat Street to the rescue with the tips, hints and secrets you need to unlock all the fun in Mario Strikers Charged! Check it out and don't forget to hit Cheat Street for more of the game cheats, codes, secrets, hints, tips and walkthroughs you need to beat your fave games!

Mario Strikers Charged - Unlock Captains

There are three more team captains you can unlock and play in offline games. Here's how to get 'em!

Captain to Unlock
How to Unlock It
Bowser Jr.
Win the Fire Cup
Diddy Kong
Win the Crystal Cup
Petey Piranha
Win the Striker Cup

Mario Strikers Charged - Unlock Domination Mode Cheats

In Domination mode you can turn on/off all kinds of weird cheats - once you've unlocked them that is! Here are the cheats and how to unlock each one.

Cheat to Unlock
How to Unlock It
Always Sidekick Skillshot
Beat Challenge 11
Always White Ball
Beat Challenge 10
Classic Mode
Beat Challenge 1
Custom Power Ups and Infinite Power Ups
Beat Challenge 12
Devastating Hits
Beat Challenge 5
Field Tilt
Beat Challenge 9
High Voltage
Beat Challenge 4
No Power Ups
Beat Challenge 6
Power Shortage
Beat Challenge 8
Safe MegaStrike
Beat Challenge 2
Secure Stadia
Beat Challenge 7
Super Captains
Beat Challenge 3

Mario Strikers Charged - Unlock Stadiums

There are six extra stadiums just waiting for you to unlock. Here's a list of 'em and how to unlock each one.

Stadium to Unlock
How to Unlock It
Crystal Canyon
Win the Crystal Cup
Galactic Stadium
Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Striker Cup
Stormship Stadium
Win the Striker Cup
The Dump
Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Crystal Cup
The Lava Pit
Win the Fire Cup
The Wastelands
Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Fire Cup

Mario Strikers Charged - Unlock Character Cards

In Striker Challenges mode you can unlock a bunch of cards with pictures of different Mario Strikers Charged characters on them. These are the cards, and how to unlock each one!

Card to Unlock
How to Unlock It
Beat Challenge 9
Bowser Jr.
Beat Challenge 11
Beat Challenge 5
Diddy Kong
Beat Challenge 12
Donkey Kong
Beat Challenge 3
Beat Challenge 2
Beat Challenge 1
Beat Challenge 4
Petey Piranha
Beat Challenge 10
Beat Challenge 7
Beat Challenge 6
Beat Challenge 8

That's it for Mario Strikers Charged video game cheats and walkthroughs this week. But, stick around and see what cheats Gary can come up with for next week. He'll get the 411 on all the coolest game codes! Don't forget, if you get stuck and need a game cheat code, and let him know!

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