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Mr. Woodcock DVD Review

Mr. Woodcock DVD Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Sep 13, 2007
( Rating: 1 Star Rating)

When a former fat kid turned self-help guru returns home to find that his mother has shacked up with his former P.E. teacher, hes not too pleased. But things are about to get even worse. Read on for our review of Mr. Woodcock!

When a former fat kid turned self-help guru returns home to find that his mother has shacked up with his former P.E. teacher, he's not too pleased. But things are about to get even worse. Read on for our review of Mr. Woodcock!

Bad News Bears

John Farley (Seann William Scott) is a self-help guru who returns home to find out his mother (Susan Sarandan) is engaged to his former P.E. teacher - the grumpy, bullying Mr. Woodcock (Billy Bob Thornton). It's taken John 20 years to get over the self-esteem bashing he took from Mr. Woodcock, but it only takes days to regress back.

Revenge of the Nerds

John takes it upon himself to prove that his former-teacher is a jerk before his mother marries him, but - I bet you didn't see this coming - his plans keep backfiring and make John look like the bad guy. Not only is John's relationship with his mother suffering, so is his self-styled inner peace. Will John be able to follow his own advice and let go?

Why Can't We All Get Along?

Things go from bad to worse as John gets more and more tangled up in his past. The town, which used to think of him as a local hero, turns against him and even his own mother is not too pleased. Along the way we meet Mr. Woodcock's father who gives us an insight into what made Mr. Woodcock the gym teacher from hell. We're not really giving anything away by saying that everyone in this movie learns an "important lesson" by the end.

DVD Features

If you really want to see more of Mr. Woodcock the DVD offers a few extras. The first feature is a 15 minute 'Making Of' Documentary with commentary from the cast and director. Unfortunately, it's not very funny or interesting. You'll also find nine deleted scenes and one extended scene. The only problem is that if the movie just isn't that great, how can the deleted scenes be good? Finally, the cast, crew, and an actual PE teacher talk about their PE class experiences in 'Trauma Tales'. Not surprisingly, this feature really isn't worth watching either. In general, this DVD deserves to drop and give us twenty.

The Bottom Line

Mr. Woodcock is more predictable than your washing machine's spin cycle and about as funny. It's embarrassing to watch talented actors sell-out their skills for such a lame movie. We can think of far more entertaining ways to kill two hours than watching this movie - like flossing or shampooing grandma's hair.

Mr. Woodcock Rating:1

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