Valentines Day

Hot Track: Ansel Elgort's Totem

Did you know that The Fault in Our Stars actor Ansel Elgort is also a DJ/musician - more

New Nick Jonas Single: Chains

Nick Jonas has gone solo, and just dropped his first solo single: "Chains". The more

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating

Feb 07, 2014 Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for cookies. Well, most any time is the perfect time for cookies, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for more

Top 10 Love Songs 2014

Top 10 Love Songs 2014

Feb 07, 2014 February is here and love is in the air, and on the airwaves. Straight from your ears to your heart, get ready to check out Kidzworld's Top 10 Love more

Top 10 Valentine's Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Top 10 Valentine's Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Feb 05, 2014 If you have a special someone (or you’re a secret admirer), Valentine’s Day means a chance to prove your love. But don’t get stressed because you more

Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts

Homemade Valentine's Gifts

Feb 03, 2014 Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your loved one how you feel, but what do you do if you're broke? Don't worry, Kidzworld's got you covered more

The History Of Valentine’s Day

History of Valentine's Day

Feb 04, 2014 We’re all familiar with the hearts and candies and flowers associated with Valentine’s Day, but where did this sweetheart of a holiday originally more

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"You're welcome." He smiled at her as he sat cross legged on her bed. ~~~~~~~~~~ "Well, for now he's my baby!" Pip stuck her tongue out at him childishly. "So he's mine." She said letting Luke slobber on her fingers. "Besides, he likes me better."
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happy Eid  to u.
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Lana looked at him and gave him a small smile, "Thanks,' She told Hunter before looking away and closing the piano. ~~~~~~~~ "Well." Alec started, "He's actually your neighbor's baby." He pointed out a smirk on his lips.
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"261sapphire" wrote:Name: Dark Sapphire Nick name: D.S.Age: 14Gender: FemalePersonality: likes to be a loner and is antisocial and is social to only one of her closes friendsLooks: has dark skin her eyes are white hair is jet black God parent: Haydes Mortal parents: John and Susan accepted
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Valentine’s Day is a week away. You’ll be…
  • At the store, purchasing the perfect gift for your bf.
  • As far away from the gross lovey dovey people as you can get.
  • Doing what you always do—hanging out with friends, doing homework, watching TV.
  • Dreaming of your crush and wishing you could spend the holiday with them.