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Monster Lab: Monster Generator

Monster Lab for DS and Wil lets you build monsters and send them into battle! Check out Kidzworld's Monster Lab: Monster Generator!... read more

Celebs, Madagascar, Rhianna, EA's NFS, the PSP 3000 and Skate 2

We have exclusive videos for Celebrity Sports Showdown and Madagascar 2, plus the scoop on an award-winning girl gamer and more!... read more

Celebrity Sports Showdown :: Exclusive Wii Game Preview Videos

Play as, or pwn, your favorite celebrities in EA's upcoming Celebrity Sports Showdown game for Wii! Grab an exclusive videoread more

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa: Exclusive Preview Video

Meet the gung-ho military penguin crew from the Madagascar Escape 2 Africa movie and video game in this exclusive video preview!... read more

Star Wars, Pokemon, Spider-Man, Tomb Raider, Sonic and Skate 2

Get an eyefull of Star Wars, Skate 2, Spidey, Sonic and Tomb Raider with these videos. Plus, Pokemon ... read more

DSi, Crash, Guitar Hero, Skate It, Madden NFL 09 Pink, Pure and More!

The DSi is coming! Plus, videos for Guitar Hero, Crash, Skate It, Bratz and Build-A-Bear. Get it here.... read more

Monster Lab Exclusive Character Profile :: Senor De La Sombra

We have a Kidzworld-only look at another mad scientist from the upcoming Monster Lab! Click here to meet Senor De La Sombra and d... read more

PDC Darts 2008 Game Cheats

Virtual darts anyone? Oxygen Games’ PDC Darts 2008 is the most realistic dart game available for most major consoles. It’s a great party game o... read more

Rock Band 2 Preview

Prepare to hit the stage again with Rock Band 2! This fall the music rhythm game re-asserts its dominance in the music genre games worldwide. C... read more

Skate 2 and Sonic Videos, Star Wars Preview and DS Defense!

Check out Skate 2 and Sonic videos, an exclusive Star Wars preview and an addictive DS game that's on the way!... read more

Naruto Broken Bond Game Preview

Naruto The Broken Bond. Re-live the hit anime and manga and experience Naruto's transformation from noisy ninja-academy dropout to respe... read more

Spidey, Sonic, Samba, WWE, Ultimate Band, Freaky Creatures and More!

Grab a pile of videos for the Spider-Man, Sonic, Samba de Amigo and Freaky Creatures games! Plus, we have online gameread more

LEGO Universe Game Preview

Welcome to LEGO Universe! The new video game that allows fans to play, build and socialize in a virtual LEGO world! Check out the game p... read more

Guitar Hero, Star Wars, Sonic, Ben 10, Spidey, Monsterpocalypse and Racing Videos!

Load up on game videos, news and free games. From Ben 10 to Star Wars, Guitar Hero, Sonic and Need for Speed... read more

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Developer Q&A

Gary chatted with the Canadians behind the next big Sonic the Hedgehog game – Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood! Here’s what they h... read more

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