Quiz the Coach - Soccer or Softball?

Mar 01, 2004

What would be the better sport to play as far as going somewhere with it and also having a blast doing it?

Quiz the Coach - I'm Not Very Aggressive

Feb 16, 2004

One of the things that greatly affects my performance in a bad way, when I'm playing sports, is that I'm not very aggressive.

Quiz the Coach - I Play Like Allen Iverson

Feb 10, 2004

My favorite player is Allen Iverson and I love basketball and I play it all the time. How can I become as quick as Allen?

Quiz the Coach - I Wanna Play Baseball

Feb 10, 2004

I like baseball but people tell me girls can only play softball. Is this true? I'm good at baseball, so what's the big deal?

Quiz the Coach - How Do I Shoot A Three?

Feb 10, 2004

"How do you shoot a three-point shot? I want to get something in my life right." The Kidzworld Coach has some tips!

Quiz the Coach - I Have Nowhere To Skate

Feb 10, 2004

I love to skateboard but I live in the country where there's no cement or anything to skate on. Should I just give up skating?

Quiz the Coach - Who's Gonna Win?

Feb 02, 2004

Who do you think is gonna win the Super Bowl on Sunday, the Patriots or the stinking Carolina Panthers?

Quiz the Coach - I'm Always Hitting the QB!

Jan 10, 2004

I'm a defensive end and I always end up hitting the QB because I don't see him throw the ball or I can't control my speed.

Quiz the Coach - I Like Karate, Not Dancing!

Jan 05, 2004

I love karate but everyone, including my friends and parents, thinks I should just drop out. What should I do?

Quiz the Coach - Where Can I Get Cheap Skates?

Dec 23, 2003

I really like to rollerblade and I want to know what are some cheaper versions of really good skates that still look good. Can you also give me some tips on how to do stop without using a brake?

Quiz the Coach - I Keep Bailing on a Jump

Dec 16, 2003

I have jumped six stair sets on my skateboard but I don't have the guts to try the eight set. I think my ollie is good enough to clear the stairs, but I keep bailing before I get to the stairs.

Quiz the Coach - My Mom Won't Let Me Skateboard

Dec 15, 2003

My mom won't let me buy a skateboard because she thinks that I'm turning into a punk because I started wearing sk8ing clothes.

Quiz the Coach - I Wanna Ditch Cheerleading!

Dec 07, 2003

My problem is urgent! I hate cheerleading. I did it last year, but by January I hated it so much. How do I tell the 'rents?

Quiz the Coach - Am I Working Out Too Much?

Nov 24, 2003

I am 12 years old and I'm just starting to work out. I am doing 100 push-ups every day. Am I overdoing it and doing too many?

Quiz the Coach - I Fainted In Gym!

Nov 17, 2003

I tried losing weight a few months ago, and it worked, but then I started feeling weak and I even fainted in gym!

Quiz the Coach - I Cheer for Jerks

Nov 10, 2003

I'm a cheerleader and the football players I cheer for treat me like dirt and two of them are my friends! What should I do?

Quiz the Coach - I'm Easily Aggravated!

Nov 03, 2003

I'm easily aggravated and I used to get most of my anger out by playing football. Now I'm hurt. I don't know how to deal anymore.

Quiz the Coach - What's A Shake 'N Bake?

Oct 27, 2003

Why is the Shake 'N Bake called the Shake 'N Bake and which NBA player do you think can "shake it 'n bake it" the best?

Quiz the Coach - I Need A Skatepark

Oct 20, 2003

I live in a small town where skateboarding isn't really popular. I was wondering how to go about getting a skatepark built out here.

Quiz the Coach - I'm Not a Good Ball Handler

Oct 14, 2003

I want to have an NBA career when I grow up. But I might not make it because I have a problem hitting shots and ball-handling.

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