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Xbox News

The Xbox is shaping up to be the biggest thing to hit video games since the Nintendo. Microsoft has a lot of muscle behind this lean, mean black box. ...read more

The Sims :: Kids Submit PC Game Review

The computer game I am going to write about is The Sims. You can tell the characters what to do. You can give them names, make them cook, watch...read more

Harry Potter Video Games by EA

Listen up people! The world's most famous wizard, Harry Potter, is coming to a video game near you. Thanks to EA you'll be able to take Harry P...read more
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NBA Inside Drive 2000 :: PC Game Demo

What happens when Microsoft makes sports games? NBA Inside Drive 2000 is what happens. Check out the 411 on this hardcore basketball game, then...read more
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Final Fantasy X, Warcraft III and Rayman

Final Fantasy X flies off the shelves, Warcraft III is taking it's time getting to shelves, EA snags a big name for it's games and your ...read more
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Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed :: Free PC Game Demo

The Porsche is THE car to drive. It's fast, smooth, snazzy and oh-so-famous. Need For Speed is THE racing game to play. Stick 'em together and ...read more

The Sims Report

The Sims is a virtual world full of virtual people and your very own cyber family. It's a huge hit and it's getting bigger. Catch up on where <...read more
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Electronic Arts, Zoo Tycoon and Jedi

Electronic Arts is firing a third of their brainiacs. Big Bill wants to see your best zoo creation, Jedi are heading into space and one of the best ga...read more
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James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire :: PS2 Game Review

Bond, James Bond. The world's best secret agent gets ready to save the world from bad guys using the coolest toys money can buy. Does he have a licens...read more

SSX Tricky - CD Review

EA Sports' snowboarding video game SSX Tricky has got some wicked tunes. They're so cool that you can even get the tunes on CD. You might wanna...read more
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SSX Tricky :: PS2 Game Review

Grab your board, hit the slopes and get ready to rock with SSX Tricky, EA's latest snowboarding extravaganza. SSX Tricky for the PS2 is ...read more
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2002 FIFA World Cup of Soccer :: PS2 Game Review

The 2002 World Cup is underway and it's time to cheer your fave team all the way. Or you could play 2002 FIFA World Cup and play as them! Check out th...read more
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2002 FIFA World Cup :: PS2 Game Cheat Codes

EA Sports' 2002 FIFA World Cup for your PS2 has the rowdy crowds, the soccer action and even the soccer superstars. It also takes a harsh pro t...read more
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The Playstation 2 Online :: At Last!

The PS2 game console has taken the leap online and Gary has the 411 on how to get online, why to get online and what games you can play - here's a hin...read more
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Sims Superstar PC Game Preview

Are you a Sim video game junkie? Get the 411 on The Sims Superstar expansion from EA and find out how to be a virtual star!...read more
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NHL 2003: Free PC Game Demo

Can't get enough hockey? Here's how to download the free computer game demo of EA's NHL 2003 and hit the ice on your home PC!...read more
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NBA Street Vol. 2 Video Game Review

Get your game on with NBA Street vol. 2 for the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube. Is this slam-dunkin' b-ball game of any good? Find...read more
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NBA Live 2003: Free PC Game Demo

Have you got game, but no cash? Check out how to score a free PC game demo of EA's NBA Live 2003 and play some sweet basketball!...read more
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F1 Challenge Game Review

If you're a demon for things that go vroom, let F1 Challenge '99-'02 satisfy that need for speed. EA Sports puts you in the pits....read more
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