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Nintendo Doesn't Share

Nintendo rocks. Their games are a hoot, their systems are a blast and everybody loves 'em, right? Not everyone. Nintendo isn't big on sh...read more
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Space World 2001 Scoop

Nintendo is throwing a big party to show off all of its games, systems and future plans. Catch the news on the Gamecube delay, when you'll see Zelda, ...read more

Gamecube Price Plummet and E3 Game Roundup

The world's biggest video game party is happening in LA and Kidzworld has the lowdown on the hot new games. Also - Nintendo dropped the price on the G...read more
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Super Mario and Samus Aran :: Ultimate Battle

Super Mario and Samus Aran from the Nintendo Super Mario games and Metroid have their toughest battle ever!...read more

Harry Potter, 007, Metroid & more!

What's Nintendo up to this holiday season? You can find out with the wicked new Nintendo Legacy of Metroid Prime DVD. Want to know how to get o...read more
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Nintendo Drops Gamecube Price

Nintendo has big news for Canadian gamers! The Gamecube just got cooler cuz the price is dropping. Get the 411 right here!...read more
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Nintendo Gamecube Price Drop!

Nintendo's gone crazy! The Nintendo Gamecube price just dropped so low you could buy one with pocket lint. Get the 411 here!...read more
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Metroid Fusion GBA Game Cheats

Gary's got game cheats, hints and more to help you beat the alien monsters in Metroid: Fusion for Nintendo's GBA!...read more
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Nintendo Announces New Video Game System

If you're a gamer, odds are you have a Gameboy and maybe even a Gamecube. But have you heard of the Nintendo DS game system?...read more
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How to Deal With A Bully

Okay, if you want to be a better player at a sport - you practice. Dealing with bullies takes practice too. We've got some skills you can practice to ...read more

Nintendo DS Handheld Gaming Console Game List!

Get the scoop on the Nintendo DS video games that will be available when the handheld gaming console launches!...read more
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Game News: 2005, 11, 20-26

We have the 411 on busted Xbox 360s and how to fix 'em. Plus, what's up with the Child's Play Charity near you!...read more
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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Game Cheats - Every Item

Use these game cheats to get all the power-ups for Samus Aran in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for the Nintendo Wii!...read more
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E3 2009 Summary: Nintendo

Games, games and more games! Here is what went down for Nintendo at the biggest video game convention of the year....read more
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Metroid Prime, Professor Layton, and Trine

Keep up-to-date with all the latest video game releases! Kidzworld has all the latest games to keep watch for. This week, we preview Metroid Prime Tri...read more

Guilty Party, Metroid Other M, and Valkyria Chronicles 2

Guilty Party

Aug 26, 2010 Keep up-to-date with all the latest video game releases! Kidzworld has all the latest games to keep watch for. This week, we preview Guilty Party, Met...read more

Metroid: Other M :: Wii Game Review

Samus close up

Aug 31, 2010 You've helped Samus fight off the Metroids in 2D and in 3D, but are you ready for...2.5D? Decide your battle approach with a simple flick of the wrist...read more

Top 10 Wii Games

Top 10 Wii Games

Dec 12, 2010 Want to know which Wii games are worth playing and which are wastes of time? Check out Kidzworld’s recommendation for the top 10 Wii games of the year...read more

Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program: Free Games!

Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program on eShop

Are you an early adopter of the Nintendo 3DS? Did you visit the eShop before August 12? If so, you have access to 20+ free games!...read more