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Jennifer Lopez Biography

Jennifer Lopez Biography

Jennifer Lopez has become one of the hottest and most successful movie stars as well as musicians. Born in the Bronx, New York, J. Lo knew at a young ...read more

B4-4 Biography

They may look like the latest cloning experiment, but they're the newest singing sensation, B4-4. They're not triplets either - Dan and Ryan are tw...read more
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Garth Brooks Biography

Garth Brooks biography: Recognized as country music's biggest act, who would have guessed glam-rock bands Kiss and Queen influenced Garth Brooks' perf...read more

Backstreet Boys Biography

The Backstreet Boys have been together since 1993 and they've been a number-one hit-producer since 1997. That has made BSB pop icons alongside fellow ...read more

Aaron Carter Biography

Nick Carter's lil' bro is all grown up and he's about to release his fourth album! Get the goods on the youngest Carter brother, Aaron....read more

Dixie Chicks Biography

The super vixens known as the Dixie Chicks have stomped new territory in the world of country music. Natalie, Martie and Emily blend fiddle and banjo ...read more

Britney Spears Oops!... I Did It Again CD Review

Britney Spears is back with a grown-up sound and a sexier look. Britney's not afraid to go after what she wants with in-your-face songs like Stronger,...read more

Destiny's Child Biography

Destiny's Child Biography

They've had several chart-topping hits since their debut in 1999, find out where Beyonce and Kelly got their start!...read more

Dream - It Was All A Dream - CD Review

There's a hot new girl group on the scene and they call themselves Dream. Life must seem like a dream for the young girls who released their first CD ...read more

Eminem Biography

May 08, 2012 We can't listen to the radio, turn on the tube or surf the web without hearing about Eminem these days. He's everywhere - he's changed the face of mu...read more

Why Pick on Pop?

I love *NSYNC. I like Britney Spears' tunes. I even sometimes find myself hummin' an O-Town tune. This makes people think less of me. Why? Because acc...read more

Andy Warhol Biography

Whether it's famous faces or Campbell soup cans, his colorful ink images are easily recognized and treasured. But did ya know that Andy also did film...read more

How to Deal With A Bully - Part II

Think you aren't as tough as a bully - Think again. Bullies are not strong, they are weak. Why else would they pick on people to make themselves feel ...read more

How Popcorn Pops

Popcorn is a tasty addition to any movie night but it's also an example of some pretty cool science!...read more

Billy Gilman: Lil' Cowboy with a Big Voice

Lots of kidz play the guitar or sing at a young age, but how many kidz become international super stars by the time they're 12 years old? Not many, bu...read more
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Eden's Crush: Get Over Yourself Song Review

The five girls who were hand chosen on the TV show Pop Stars, have released their first single. The big question: Is Get Over Yourself g...read more
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S Club 7 Biography

What do you get when you have three good looking guys and four good-looking girls that sing, dance and act together? You get the pop group S Club 7 - ...read more

soulDecision Biography

Have you tuned into MTV or Much Music lately and wondered when Brad Pitt started singing? It's not Brad silly - it's Trevor Guthrie, the...read more
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Janet Jackson Biography

Janet Jackson Biography

Janet Jackson is one of the most successful female artists of the last 30 years. Find out more about the Jackson in her Kidzworld Biography!...read more