Star Wars, Pokemon, Spider-Man, Tomb Raider, Sonic and Skate 2

Get an eyefull of Star Wars, Skate 2, Spidey, Sonic and Tomb Raider with these videos. Plus Pokemon news!
Game News

If last week's news about the new Nintendo DSi didn't amaze you, take a look at this week's game news! We have videos of Spider-Man, Tomb Raider, Sonic, Skate 2 and Star Wars, plus a look at what's coming for Pokemon fans. Check it out here, plus the list of all the new games that drop this week for every game system from Nintendo DS to Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PSP and even for your PC!

DS + Jedi = Wheee!

The Clone Wars are coming to Nintendo DS with the new Star Wars The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance game! With the heroes of the TV show plus lots of Jedi moves and lightsaber duels, it looks awesome. Click this link to watch a video.
  • Star Wars The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance – DS Movie - .mov file (85MB)
  • New York's All Sick

    There's a symbiote infection in New York that makes catching a cold look like nothing! With gunk and villains on the loose, it's up to Spidey to clean it all up, with a little help from you. The battle begins on October 21 in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows - click this link to watch the launch trailer.
  • Spider-Man: Web of Shadows – Launch Trailer - .mov file (159MB)
  • Grind This

    EA's Skate 2 game is getting closer and closer. To see the newest piece of the action, click this link to watch the latest video!
  • Skate 2 – Game Video - .mov file (453MB)
  • Good Knight Sonic

    With his latest RPG adventure on the loose, Sonic the Hedgehog is getting ready for a new dose of fun with Sonic and the Black Knight! Swords, heroes, lots of speed - it could be a pile of awesome. Check out this video to find out.
  • Sonic and the Black Knight – Game Video - .mov file (321MB)
  • Lara Croft's New Moves

    To celebrate her new Tomb Raider: Underworld game, Lara has a new batch of moves! You can see her in action with this new video - click the link to watch it.
  • Tomb Raider: Underworld – New Moves Video - .mov file (165MB)
  • Pokemon Presents!

    The Pokemon people are working hard to make you a bunch of new Pokemon stuff for the holiday season. Here's a look at what's coming for Pokemon fans!
  • Diamond & Pearl Tins - $15 - Four tins with four booster packs each, plus a LV.X card for either Mewtwo, Rhyperior, Regigigas or Heatran.
  • Diamond & Pearl Theme Decks - $12 - The Stormfront set for the Pokemon card game is coming with two new Theme Decks - the perfect way for new players to get into the game.
  • Sinnoh Region Playset - $30 - A Pokemon playset with action figures for battling fun!
  • What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • Oct 14 - Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs for DS.
  • Oct 14 - Boogie SuperStar for Wii.
  • Oct 14 - Brain Training For Dummies for PC.
  • Oct 14 - Dokapon Kingdom for PS2 and Wii.
  • Oct 14 - FIFA Soccer 09 for DS, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360.
  • Oct 14 - Jeep Thrills for Wii.
  • Oct 14 - Littlest Pet Shop for Wii.
  • Oct 14 - Littlest Pet Shop: Garden for DS.
  • Oct 14 - Littlest Pet Shop: Jungle for DS.
  • Oct 14 - Littlest Pet Shop: Winter for DS.
  • Oct 14 - Lovely Lisa for DS.
  • Oct 14 - My Dress-Up for DS.
  • Oct 14 - My Japanese Coach for DS.
  • Oct 14 - My Make-Up for DS.
  • Oct 14 - My Secret Diary for DS.
  • Oct 14 - Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2 for DS.
  • Oct 14 - Rock Revolution for DS.
  • Oct 14 - Rock Revolution for PS3, Xbox 360.
  • Oct 14 - The Dog Island for PS2.
  • Oct 15 - Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? for PC.
  • Oct 15 - Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Path of Zuko for PC.
  • Oct 15 - Rock University Presents The Naked Brothers Band: The Video Game for PC.
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