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Matt Prokop Interview

By: Sindy

Sindy:: Hey Matt, where are you calling from?

Matt:I’m in LA. I was just in New York for Fashion Week and it was snowing and freezing (laughs). I love my California sunshine.

Sindy:: How did you get into the role of Jimmy “the Rocket” Zara for High School Musical 3?

Matt: My agent called but I don’t sing or dance, so why would he send me out on a musical? But he said it’d be a great opportunity to meet the casting director, so I went into it and sang for the first time ever and shockingly, they booked me!

Sindy:: Can you tell me a bit about your character?

Matt:: Jimmy is a sophomore at East High, he’s on the basketball team. He’s just your average sophomore who doesn’t really know his place in the world but he tries to fit in with everyone and anyone and he THINKS he’s a rock star, but he’s not really. He basically does whatever he can throughout the movie to have Troy notice him and respect him.

Sindy:: What about you, who do you idolize?

Matt:I actually got the opportunity to meet one of my idols in New York—Benecio del Toro. Him and Johnny Depp are a lot of the reason why I became an actor in the first place. My friend and I were outside a restaurant about to walk in and Benecio was walking out and I just go, “Benecio!” and he turns and I go, “Dude, you are the reason I’m acting” and he goes “Thanks, man! Thank you!” and got in his car. I was like “Okay, now we can leave New York” (laughs).

Sindy:: So you said you were in New York for Fashion Week—are you a big fashion fan?

Matt:I’m not really into the crazy fashion—I just mainly like [the clothing brand] G-Star so much because it’s dressy yet still kind of laid back.

Sindy:: Is that how you’d describe your style?

Matt:Yeah, like right now I’m hanging out in sweatpants and a baseball tee (laughs). But seriously, when it comes to fashion, sneakers is where it’s at. I probably have at least over 40 pairs of Nikes. In Salt Lake, we would go to the Gateway which is this huge shopping centre and they have like 8 different shoe stores and we’d all go crazy.

Sindy:: What's the last pair you bought?

Matt:Those were actually in New York—I bought a pair of dress shoes for Fashion Week cause I had to, but the last Nikes I bought were my Paul Rodriguez Nike SB skate shoes.

Sindy:: So which do you prefer—New York or LA?

Matt:: Within four hours of being in New York, I wanted to move there. I’m a skateboarder and I saw like 20 people skateboarding to and from work and I love being able to walk and skate places. In LA everything’s so spread out, you’d have to skate 30 minutes just to make it over the hill. There’s so many things I love about NY but there are so many things I love about LA—like the sunshine and being able ot feel like I’m in a small town and then drive ten minutes and I’ll be in Hollywood or drive 15 and go to Santa Monica or drive to Big Bear and go snowboarding. So I definitely think I’ll be in LA for the next five years, but at one point I do want to live in NY.

Sindy:: Are there any causes that you're involved with?

Matt::I love that Declare Yourself came to the HSM cast because it’s such a good way to teach kids about the importance of your voice being heard through your vote. Sixty years ago African-Americans and women weren’t allowed to vote and now we have both running for office. Barack Obama isn’t just some guy who in lives in a big house—there are a lot of facts they need to know about.

Sindy:: Yeah voting is super important! Thanks for talking with me, Matt!

Matt:: No problem, thanks Sindy.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year is now available on DVD & Blu-ray!

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