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What About You? Book Review

What About You? Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Mar 18, 2009
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

What About You? by Karen Phillips (published by those kooky guys over at Klutz) is crammed with questions you’ve probably never even thought of before (280 of them, in fact) on the world’s most fascinating topic… YOU!

What About You? by Karen Phillips (published by those kooky guys over at Klutz) is crammed with questions you’ve probably never even thought of before (280 of them, in fact) on the world’s most fascinating topic… YOU!

Every question on every page of this bright orange book (which actually comes with it’s own silly, question-mark-shaped pencil you can use to fill in your answers) is about you. And no one in the universe is a bigger or better expert on the subject.

The book features 20 different surveys for all you girls eight years and older out there to take about yourselves and share with your friends. The subjects you’ll be answering questions about range from food to fashion to friendship to L-O-V-E, crushes and other stuff!

Some of the questions are serious and will make you think long and hard before giving your answer. Others are just plain silly and will have you LOL-ing. But all of them are designed to focus on and help you find out more about yourself.

Book Specs

The book itself is actually in the form of a cool three-ring binder, which, if you read the instructions inside, will help you take the surveys correctly. It comes with a notepad of response forms (check the inside back cover) so you can write on them instead of on the survey pages. This lets you take the same survey over and over again, and pass it on to your friends and family to take, too.

Like we said, it even comes with the perfect pencil – translucent, glittery and bendy. Great for making answering the wacky questions inside even more fun!

What About You? Rating: 5

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