Marmaduke Movie Review

Marmaduke Movie Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Jun 06, 2010
( Rating: 2 Star Rating)

Marmaduke (voiced by Owen Wilson) trades in a tiny doggy door in Kansas for some serious surfing action in Orange County, California. Get your bark on with Kidzworld’s movie review of Marmaduke!

Marmaduke (voiced by Owen Wilson) trades in a tiny doggy door in Kansas for some serious surfing action in Orange County, California. Get your bark on with Kidzworld’s movie review of Marmaduke!

When Marmaduke’s guardian, Phil, lands a new job at Bark Organics in California, it’s bye bye Kansas for the Winslow family. But Marmaduke has his concerns. Sure, his doggy door is small, and sometimes he can feel like an over-sized outsider, but Kansas is home!

Alpha Dog

But things are different in The O.C. and it’s time for one Great Dane to wake up and smell the kibble. Phil’s boss holds meetings in the dog park, so Marmaduke has to be on his best behavior. But it’s not easy being a good dog with so many temptations! Like Jezebel, the beautiful collie who happens to be dating the park Alpha Dog, Bosco.

Purebreds Vs. Mutts

As the Alpha Dog, Bosco makes the rules. Mutts aren’t allowed to hang with purebreds, so Marmaduke isn’t allowed to sit with Jezebel in the park or come to Bosco’s party under the pier. Marmaduke convinces his mutt friends to go to the party anyway, but all they find is trouble.

Marmaduke In Love

To win Jezebel’s heart, Marmaduke has to figure out how to become top dog. He gets help from his mutt pals—the cute Australian Shepherd Mazie, the high-minded terrier Raisin and the nervous Chinese Crested Giuseppe. But is Jezebel really worth all the effort?

The Bottom Line

Marmaduke is a well-meaning but forgettable family flick. It continues the tradition of relying on talking computer-generated animals for its laughs. If you liked the Garfield movies, you’ll probably like Marmaduke. But if you’re not amused by dogs on surf boards or the occasional fart joke, you might want to skip this one.

Marmaduke Movie Rating: 2

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Chrizzy7677 wrote:

getting tired of that movie... :/
commented: Tue Aug 23, 2011


LakeBunny wrote:

loooooooooooooooe thattttttttttt mooooooooooooooovie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :...
commented: Sun Aug 21, 2011


LakeBunny wrote:

looooooooooooove thattttttttttt mooooooooovie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commented: Sun Aug 21, 2011

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