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Jacob Latimore says You Come First

Sep 13, 2012

By: Lynn Barker 

15-year-old singer/dancer/actor Jacob Latimore took YouTube by storm a few years ago and his fans have made him a chart-topper. Jacob is just off the successful #1 Girl Tour with his homies Mindless Behavior and is telling us he has movie and TV work coming out next year as well as the new untitled album he is now working on. Jacob still stresses that guys should be gentlemen with the ladies despite the “player” nature of his hot club tune “You Come First”. Check out the latest with this talented hottie.

Kidzworld: You just performed on your #1 Girl tour with Mindless Behavior. Looking back, what do you most remember about it?

  • Jacob: It’s hard to pick just one thing. Every city was just great. We were all just like a big family on that tour. We’d all hang out. We are real close. There was a family bond on the road. It really does get hectic out there on the road so we had each other’s backs. That was nice. I would say we’d hang out after every show.

Kidzworld: When did you meet the guys?

  • Jacob: I’ve known Prodigy for a little while. We started out on YouTube and he was another peer that I thought was dancin’ his butt off so my mom got in contact with his dad and we always kept in touch because it was a good relationship to have. He joined Mindless Behavior and we were really proud of him.

I met the whole group at a show in Chicago one time. That’s how I got to know my fanbase was really growing as well. Once I walked into their show, all the fans were like “Oh my Gosh, Jacob Latimore!”.  I didn’t know what they were screaming about at first. I’m like “Where Mindless at?” (he laughs) but they recognized me as well. That’s the first time I met them and ever since then, we’ve been cool.

Kidzworld: So have you been in the studio recording since the tour?

  • Jacob: Yeah. I’m really working on my album now. My single “You Come First” is out now and I’m trying to keep the music going for the fans. Concentrating on that and some film stuff. I can’t talk about that now but definitely look out for something next year.

"You Come First" Single Art

Kidzworld: Great! Fans will be happy to see that. “You Come First” (released in July) has a more grown up vibe than your other music. It’s definitely a hot, “go get a lady” song.  Are you trying to show everyone that you are growing up fast or just trying a new style?

  • Jacob: The song does have a double meaning but I’m only entertaining one side and that is being a gentleman and making sure your girl comes first in the relationship and that’s the most important thing. I think that song was perfect because it wasn’t just for the teens but the grown-ups as well. That was the challenge, to find a song that could grow with me. I could sing the song now or when I’m 25 or more. It was risky and a little scary.

Kidzworld: It works! Of your three music videos “Nothing on Me”, “You Come First” and “Like Em All” which was the most fun to shoot?

  • Jacob: The most fun was “Nothing on Me”. It was my first overnight shoot and it was strictly a dance video and we had a ball.

Courtesy of Kenneth Cappello

Kidzworld: Do you get to choose all the girls who dance in your videos?

  • Jacob: At the end of that one it was just extras but I did choose the four guys in it.  

Kidzworld: If a girl is gonna get close to you, what must she just never do on a date?  Pet date peeve?

  • Jacob: I don’t like it when a girl doesn’t have high standards. She should not be too forward or anything.

Kidzworld: You are a real gentleman. When you were little you saw a movie about the famous group “The Temptations” and that was an inspiration. What other musicians did you love as a little kid and which ones now?

  • Jacob: As a little kid of course Michael Jackson had a huge influence on my life and my dad and uncle, I grew up around them just watching them sing and embracing what they did (the Latimore Brothers group, inspirational singers). Then B2K was one of my favorite groups. Now I’m into the icons; Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars and Beyonce.

Kidzworld: What has been your weirdest fan encounter so far and what was the most touching or emotional one for you?

  • Jacob: There have been so many weird ones. This girl wanted my water bottle after I drank it. I guess she just wanted to keep it.  Most touching is just seeing these fans making these creative posters. They are almost like science projects they are getting so creative with them. To see how emotionally attached they are to me and my music is really cool.

Courtesy of Christian Lantry

Kidzworld: You are a singer/dancer/actor. If you had to give up one of those, which would it be?

  • Jacob: Wow! I would drop the acting and the dancing if I had to. God gave me this gift to sing so I’m gonna sing.

Kidzworld: When you first stared to make good money in your career, what was the first thing you went out and bought?

  • Jacob: I went and got me a Mac laptop! I’d always wanted one.

Kidzworld: What music artist would you love to collaborate with?

  • Jacob: I definitely want to do a song with Justin Timberlake but I’m not sure if he’s working on his music right now.

Kidzworld: I think he’s working on getting married.  

  • Jacob: (laughs) He’s such an amazing writer and performer, just overall artist.

Courtesy of Christian Lantry

Kidzworld: And what actor or actress are you dying to act with?

  • Jacob: I’ve always wanted to do something with Bill Cosby. I always watched “The Cosby Show” with Raven Symone.  Also Shia LaBeouf.

Kidzworld: What do you want your fans to know about your latest album and future plans?

  • Jacob: I would say thank you for being supporters. The album is coming along really great and I can’t wait for all the fans to hear it. Be on the lookout for great music that everybody can listen to. I’ve been getting a few good ideas for the title.

Jacob Latimore - "You Come First" Video



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