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Interview - Chuck Comeau of Simple Plan (pg. 2)

Sindy: So, you guys are currently featured in New York Minute - what was it like filming with the Olsen twins?
Chuck: You know what? It was kind of weird, cuz they're like so much more famous than we are.

Sindy: Yeah, they're pretty big.
Chuck: Yeah, they are. It was kind of a weird thing cuz they used to make movies that were targeted at really, really young people but this one they tried to go for something a bit older. They wanted to make more of a grown-up movie cuz I guess they have grown up too. And they asked us cuz they said that they really liked our band and they wanted us to be in their movie. And for us at first it was like ok, we're not sure about it. But then basically we asked if we could just play a show and they would film it. So we did that. They just filmed us performing and we had tons of control over how it would look and all that. So we felt really comfortable about it. It was just really cool to be on a huge Hollywood movie. They had more cameras to film us than we had for any of our video shoots, it's just such a bigger scale. And they were really nice to us, really cool. They could have turned out to be really snobby but they were the opposite, they were really nice. We had a good time.

Sindy: How long did it take you guys to film that bit of the movie?
Chuck: Like two or three days. It's kind of crazy, cuz in the movie it's like a one minute or two minute scene and it took two days to film. I think it came out cool. I actually get to say one line in the movie, which is pretty rad. I was pretty stoked about that.

Sindy: Are any of you interested in acting then?
Chuck: I think if we were talented enough, definitely, but I don't think we are - I think we're pretty lame actors. But maybe one day, who knows? Everyone in the band is totally into trying new things and if someone comes up to us and says, "Hey, do you wanna try it?" we'll definitely give it a try if we feel comfortable. But right now music is our number one thing. We're touring all the time and when we're not touring, we're writing songs everyday, so I don't see how we could fit it in. We'd have to clone ourselves. Sindy: What are your plans after the album comes out?
Chuck: Just shows everyday, touring all over the world. As soon as this record's ready, even if it's not out, we're going to start playing shows. We're going to go all over Canada with the Rogers tour, and then we're going to go all over the States and Australia, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, like everywhere. It's just going to be playing shows, playing shows, playing shows. That's what we love to do and that's what this band is all about is just playing live and going out and being in front of people and meeting kids and hanging out with the kids who like our music. After every show we'll jump in the crowd and we go and hang out and talk to people who came to the show. I can't wait to do that again. I think it's been, like, two months since we've been on tour, we've just been writing. I mean I love writing music and that's probably one of my favorite parts, but you know, I kind of miss that whole traveling around and playing shows part. Sindy: Do you ever feel when you're touring that you just need a break?
Chuck: I don't know. I'm kind of the robot in the band, I never need a break. To me, if we could keep going for, like, three years straight, I would. We're just so blessed, so lucky that we get to travel around the world play in front of people who like our music. I mean, you have to realize that before this band, we'd been in a band for like eight years, and this has been our goal since we were like 14 years old. So when it does happen, even if you're tired or if you're not feeling great on a particular day, you just forget about it because this is truly our dream coming true. So it makes you forget about how tired you are or that you need a break, you just go and do it. Sindy: Where do you see Simple Plan in five years?
Chuck: I just hope that we're still relevant, that we're still a band that people care about and that we're still out there playing shows everyday. And that we can still write good songs. I can see us making records for the next ten years if possible. I think hopefully we'll be evolving and changing and having our fans follow us through that and grow with us and still come to our shows and still hang out with us. That's our goal, just battling and playing shows for the rest our lives. We'll see what happens but that would be really cool if it could happen.

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