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Dawson's Creek Show Facts

Dawson's Creek Show Facts - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Check out these Dawsons Creek Show Facts, Cast Facts, Show Quotes and a review of Season Four on DVD.

The kids from the creek entertained us for six seasons, and thanks to the magic of DVDs, you'll never have to say good-bye to Dawson and the rest of the Capeside gang! Check out these show facts, cast facts, show quotes and our season five DVD review.

Dawson's Creek - Main Cast

  • Dawson Leery - James Van Der Beek
  • Joey Potter - Katie Holmes
  • Pacey Witter - Joshua Jackson
  • Jen Lindley - Michelle Williams
  • Jach McPhee - Kerr Smith
  • Andie McPhee - Meredith Monroe
  • Evelyn "Grams" Ryan - Mary Beth Peil
  • Audrey Liddell - Busy Phillips

Dawson's Creek - Fun Facts

  • Dawson's Creek first aired in January 1998. The final episode aired in May 2003.
  • The show was set in the fictional town of Capeside, Massachusetts and was shot in Wilmington, North Carolina.
  • Learn by Alanis Morisette was the original choice for the theme song, but she didn't want her song on a TV show. It was replaced by I Don't Want to Wait by Paula Cole.
  • During shooting, James Van Deer Beek (Dawson) and Joshua Jackson (Pacey) lived together.
  • Six foot one James Van Der Beek wore one inch lifts in his shoes when shooting scenes next to six foot two Joshua Jackson.
  • Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes (Joey) dated in 1998.
  • James Van Der Beek married actress Heather McComb in 2003.
  • Kerr Smith (Jack) married actress Harmoni Everett in 2003.
  • Katie Holmes and American Pie star Chris Klein became engaged in 2003.
  • Michelle Williams (Jen) and Heath Ledger hooked up on the set of Brokeback Mountain.
  • Joshua Jackson was expelled from two Vancouver high schools.
  • Michelle Williams graduated from high school at the young age of 15!
  • Katie Holmes will star in the fifth Batman flick, Batman Begins.
  • Chad Michael Murray, Brittany Daniel, Scott Foley and Oliver Hudson were all guest stars on the show.

Dawson's Creek - Quotes

  • "If people are truly, madly, deeply in love with each other, they will find a way." - Dawson
  • "Dawson, you're not a little Oompa Loompa anymore. You're a big bad manly Oompa Loompa." - Pacey
  • "Hang on Dawson, its gonna be a bumpy life." - Joey
  • "I know how sad it is to hide from something you really want." - Jack

Dawson's Creek - Season Four DVD

The crew heads back to Capeside High for their senior year! Joey and Pacey return from their summer at sea and realize that staying together through the pressures of school and college preparations might not be easy. Dawson begins a romance with Pacey's older sister, Gretchen, who has returned from college. A guy from Jen's past comes to Capeside to stirs things up and Jack struggles with having just come out of the closet. The DVD also features a Dawson's Creek trivia game, audio commentary, previews and the song Run Like Mad by Jann Arden. With 23 episodes on 4 DVDs, this season provides hours of fun in the creek!
Dawson's Creek Season Four Rating: 4

Dawson's Creek - Season Five DVD

The Dawson's Creek gang is all grown up and they're about to be seperated for the first time. Dawson is headed to LA for film school, Pacey's kickin' it in Capeside and Jack, Jen and Joey are off to Boston for college. Unfortunately, the season five DVD set doesn't include anything other than the 23 episodes - no added extras. But if you're a fan of the show, that shouldn't matter too much.
Dawson's Creek Season Five DVD Rating:3

Dawson's Creek - Season Six DVD

This is the very last season of Dawson's Creek and is a must-have for all fans of the show. Well before she hooked up with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes was just trying to figure out whether she should end up with Dawson or Pacey. Season six is where you find out! This DVD set includes a scrapbook of photos, character biographies and Dawson's Creek trivia!
Dawson's Creek Season Six DVD Rating:5

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