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Katie Holmes Biography

Birthdate: December 18, 1978
Birthplace: Toledo, Ohio
Real Name: Katherine Noelle Holmes

Katie Holmes - In the Beginning

Far from the bright lights of Hollywood, Katie Holmes grew up in Toledo, Ohio. The youngest, of four kids, Katie has two sisters and one brother and was raised by her homemaker mother and lawyer father. Ms. Holmes began acting while attending high school at Notre Dame Academy, an all-girls Catholic school. She was first spotted by a talent manager in New York in July 995, who recommended that she go out to LA to audition for some TV pilots. After a few months, she landed a role in the flick Ice Storm and was offered the lead role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Katie did what many young actresses wouldn't do. She turned down the role and returned to Toledo to finish high school. The role of Buffy eventually went to Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Katie Holmes - The Star

During her final year of high school, Katie landed an audition for Dawson's Creek. However, because it conflicted with opening night of her high school production of Damn Yankees, Katie had to reschedule it. In June of 1997, Katie graduated from Notre Dame Academy and soon after took off for Wilmington, North Carolina where she would spend the next six seasons playing cute tomboy Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek. Aside from her TV role, Katie has starred in a number of movies, including Disturbing Behavior, Go, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, and most recently, First Daughter. In the summer of 2005, Katie co-stars with Christian Bale in Batman Begins.

Katie Holmes - Love Life

While Katie isn't usually the kind of celebrity who's photo is splashed all over tabloid magazines, she has recently garnered a lot of publicity for her love life. In March 2005, she and American Pie hottie, Chris Klein, broke off their engagement after five years together. Then, it was recently reported that she was dating actor Josh Hartnett. However, it has now been confirmed that Katie is dating superstar Tom Cruise, who is 16 years older than her! While it comes as a surprise to most that these two ended up together, they both have reputations as being genuinely nice people - maybe it's meant to be!

Katie Holmes - Did U Know?

  • Katie Holmes bought a house in Wilmington, North Carolina that she lived in while shooting Dawson's Creek.
  • Katie Holmes deferred her enrollment to Columbia University after she was accepted in 1997.
  • Some of Katie Holmes' favorite foods are Jelly Bellies, veggie burgers and pretzels with salsa.
  • Katie Holmes once dated her Dawson's Creek co-star Joshua Jackson (Pacey).
  • Katie Holmes likes vanilla lattes and says she drinks too much coffee.
  • Katie Holmes Says...
    "Toledo is a bit bigger than Capeside, but there are similarities. I'm a small town girl just like Joey. I wasn't the one that had the boys in high school. I was a little bit of a tomboy and also the youngest in my family, so I thought I knew everything. Like Joey, I made a lot of mistakes, but fortunately, I haven't had the tragedy that she's experienced in her life"

    "I think every little girl dreams about (her wedding). I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise."

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    Who's Katie's Best Love Match?

    • Chris Klein. They're such a cute wholesome couple.
    • Tom Cruise. Hello. He's Mr. Top Gun.
    • Joshua Jackson. Joey & Pacey Forever.
    • None of the above. Katie can do better.

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