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2005 Movie Preview

From cartoons and comic book superheroes to sequels and remakes, Kidzworld has the scoop on what's new for 2005. Be sure to check out these cool flicks when they hit a theater near you!


  • Elektra - January 14, 2005
    Alias star, Jennifer Garner, plays a fearless warrior with the gift of kimagure that allows her to see the future. But on her next assignment, she's forced to make a tough choice between life and death.
  • Batman Begins - June 17, 2005
    Katie Holmes and Christian Bale star in the story of how Bruce Wayne came to be Batman. Filled with revenge after witnessing his parents' murder, he discovers the bat suit and starts to rid Gotham City of its corruption.
  • Fantastic Four - July 1, 2005
    The fantastic foursome, which includes Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman (played by Jessica Alba), Human Torch and The Thing take the world by storm when they battle the evil Doctor Doom.
  • Remakes

  • Guess Who - March 25, 2005
    Lindsay Lohan stars in this remake of the beloved classic Herbie movies.
    Courtesy of Walt Disney
    Ashton Kutcher stars in this hilarious comedy based on the 1967 classic, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Ashton is happily engaged to an African-American woman, but things get crazy when he meets her overprotective dad (played by Bernie Mac), who's not happy his daughter is marrying a white dude.
  • Herbie: Fully Loaded - June 3, 2005
    Herbie, who's now fully loaded, returns with a ton of tricks up his hood and makes his way to the racetrack! Lindsay Lohan stars as the new owner of the loveable white VW bug with a mind of its own.
  • Bewitched - July 8, 2005
    Nicole Kidman crinkles her nose to play the loveable genie based on the popular '60s sitcom. She uses her magic on her husband, played by SNL's Will Ferrell, to fix relationship problems.
  • King Kong - December 14, 2005
    He was the guy who brought you [kwlink]The Lord of the Rings[/kwlink], and now in 2005, director Peter Jackson re-makes this old favorite.
  • Cartoons

  • Robots - March 11, 2005
    David Schwimmer, Chris Rock and Ben Stiller lend their voices to this computer-animated comedy.
    Courtesy of Dreamworks
    Halle Berry and Amanda Bynes are just a few of the voices in this animated flick about a world of robots. It centers around an ordinary robot who tries to stand out with his mechanical inventions.
  • Madagascar - May 27, 2005
    After escaping to see what life is like on the outside, four Central Park Zoo animals are captured and sent to Africa to be set free. But things turn wild when they get shipwrecked on the exotic island of Madagascar, where they learn that it really is a jungle out there.
  • Chicken Little - July 1, 2005
    The sky is falling! At least, that's what Chicken Little thought. After his wild imagination and paranoia get him into too much trouble, Chicken Little is forced to enter Camp Yes-U-Can to shape up and stop being such a chicken.
  • Curious George - November 4, 2005
    The popular children's book about a monkey who leaves the jungle comes to life this year. Comedian Will Ferrell provides the voice of The Man in the Yellow Hat who takes care of his curious and adventurous pet monkey.
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    Which Flick Will You Watch?

    • Elektra and Fantastic Four - comic book-based movies are the best.
    • All the remakes - I looove the '60s!
    • Both Harry Potter and Star Wars.
    • Any animated flick catches my interest.

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