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Bow Wow Interview (pg. 2)

Bow Wow is all grown up and he's ready to unleash his new sound with his latest disc, Wanted which features the track, Let Me Hold You. Hear what he has to say about music, his love life and more!

Sindy: What was it like working with JoJo?
Bow Wow: It was cool, it was cool. Actually when I did the record, she wasn't in the studio. Everything was already pre-recorded and I just had to go in and write my verse after everything was already done and I laid it. But we did do the video together, it was cool.

Sindy: What do you think is your biggest achievement in your career so far?
Bow Wow: Ummm, so far in my career I would say there's two things - selling out Madison Square Gardens was definitely a highlight and the other would be my new record Let Me Hold You being number one rap record in the country.

Sindy: Do you plan on focusing on music or will you take more acting roles in the future?
Bow Wow: Later on in the future, I definitely see myself closing my career out in film, so people can look forward to me doing that. I'm definitely going to be [kwlink]taking part in that[/kwlink].

Sindy: Is there anyone specific you would like to work with in the film industry?
Bow Wow: I would love to work with Denzel, I mean who wouldn't want to work with Denzel? Any of the greats, any of the great actors and actresses, it would just be a pleasure to be a co-star. And even though I'll star in my own films, it would just be a blessing to work with someone like that.

Sindy: So what's your new movie about?
Bow Wow: The new movie is a '70s movie, set in 1978. I play the main character and it's about a group of kids who's skating rink actually gets closed down so they're forced to go over to the North side to go skate. So, a rivalry heats up and they're battling it out to see who's going to be the best and we enter a skate off. But not only that, the main character Xavier, who I play, goes through so much in life, you know. He's going on through life without a mother and he's just left at home with his little sister and his father. And his father's there to raise men, not boys and he's very, very hard on my character and he's going to make you hate him in this movie, without a doubt.

Sindy: Did you have to learn to skate for the movie?
Bow Wow: Umm, no not really cuz I'm from the Midwest so I already knew how to skate. We would go skating all the time. It really wasn't nothing for me, I just went in there and did my thing. The only thing that we did have to do, we had to learn some new moves on skates, we had to dance on skates, so we had to do choreography on skates. I thought that was crazy, but other than that, everything else was a'ight.

Sindy: What do you like to do when you have some time off?
Bow Wow: When I have my own time off I like to just chill, you know what I'm saying. Talk on the phone, relax, play basketball, go swimming and just do different things like that.

Sindy: Who's the coolest celebrity you've had the chance to meet?
Bow Wow: I'd have to say Hilary Clinton. I met her at my apartment. There was a function going on at my apartment in LA at the time and she was there and it was crazy. To see her embrace me and have her know exactly who I was - yeah, it was just crazy.

Sindy: Wow. That must have been cool. Do you have any celebrity crushes?
Bow Wow: No. I don't have any celebrity crushes.

Sindy: Do you have a girlfriend?
Bow Wow: Ummmm, I'm happy. Let's just put it that way.

Sindy: What qualities do you look for in a girl?
Bow Wow: Nice personality, looks, if she carries herself like a woman and doesn't really disrespect herself or her body. She's just gotta represent and understand the strength and knowledge of being a woman.

Sindy: So, for your clothing line, are you very hands on with the design process?
Bow Wow: Well I don't have my clothing line anymore, I'm dealing with Rocawear now. They're actually sponsoring me for my tour so I'm kind of on the verge of signing with them.

Sindy: Oh cool. Will you be helping to design any of their clothing?
Bow Wow: No, not at all. Damon Dash, he deals with all that.

Sindy: What's your favorite food?
Bow Wow: Ummm, Italian.

Sindy: Favorite TV show?
Bow Wow: Monday Night Football, when football season is on.

Sindy: Do you have a favorite football team?
Bow Wow: Oh yeah, the Atlanta Falcons.

Sindy: Favorite movie?
Bow Wow: Scar Face. I love all gangster movies.

Sindy: Favorite place you've ever traveled?
Bow Wow: Ooh. I've been to so many places I couldn't pick. That'd be tough.

Sindy: How about a place you've never been but would like to go to?
Bow Wow: Aspen.

Sindy: What kind of advice would you give kids wanting to break into the music industry?
Bow Wow: Just stay focused. Do something you really want to do and just go for it. Don't let nobody tell you you can't cuz you always can. That's what that song Big Dreams is about - just go ahead and go for it. Stay focused, keep God in your life and you can do anything you want to do if you put your mind to it.

Sindy: Cool. Well, thanks so much for talking to us Bow Wow!
Bow Wow: There it is. No problem. I just wanna say to my fans that I love you guys, check me out on the Scream IV tour and also, go out and pick up the brand new album, Wanted.

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