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Pokemon Card Game: EX Dragon Frontiers Set Review

Feel the power of a dragon's roar as the Pokemon card game unleashes the EX Dragon Frontiers expansion set. There are two new Theme DecksPower Wave and Shadow Blaze. There are also 100 cards with new Pokemon to collect, new Pokemon powers, tons of dragon Pokemon and more! Gary got his Pokemon Trainer-fu on and scoped out all the new Pokemon to bring you this game review.

EX Dragon Frontiers � New Cards and Powers!

The big news in this set is that it's packed with dragon PokemonRayquaza, Tyranitar, Dragonite, Latias, Latios and more! It's also the last chance to collect Delta Pokemon - after this set they're all done. There are also two new powers, here's the 411 on them.

  • Shock-Wave - With this power Tyranitar ex can KO any Pokemon in two hits.
  • Imprison - Gardevoir ex's Poke-Power shuts down enemy Poke-Body and Poke-Power abilities!

Pokemon TCG: Power Wave Theme Deck Review

Fighting and Electric Pokemon team up with Feraligatr to bring you a high-energy deck with lots of butt-kicking potential! Horsea, Totodile, Larvitar, Shellder and their evolved forms are on your team and ready to rock. Unfortunately you don't get Tyranitar in the Theme Deck, but as soon as you pull one from a Booster Pack, drop it in and you're all set. This deck has good Pokemon, no weaknesses against Shadow Blaze and card-drawing power. It's solid and great for new players.

Power Wave Thumbs Up:

  • Feraligatr powers-up your Delta Pokemon.
  • Lots of Delta Pokemon for card combos.
  • As soon as you get a Tyranitar, drop it in!

Power Wave Thumbs Down:

  • Larvitar and Pupitar are weak without Tyranitar.

Power Wave Theme Deck Rating:

Pokemon TCG: Shadow Blaze Theme Deck Review

This Fire and Psychic team-up puts Typhlosion in charge of clobbering your opponent! Evolving Ralts, Trapinch and Cyndaquil will give you strong Pokemon to win battles, although you need to get Gardevoir from a Booster Pack before Kirlia can evolve all the way. Lickitung also lets you draw cards, but it's weak against Power Wave so watch out! This is a solid deck with lots of Special Condition attacks and good offense, it's a great way for new players to win battles!

Shadow Blaze Thumbs Up:

  • Lots of strong attackers.
  • Lots of Special Condition attacks.
  • Vibrava is strong against Power Wave.

Shadow Blaze Thumbs Down:

  • Lickitung lets you draw bonus cards but it's weak against Power Wave.
  • Lots of Pokemon that can't do damage with just one energy.

Shadow Blaze Theme Deck Rating:

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Which Legendary Pokemon's in the Sky Pillar?

  • Tyranitar!
  • Latios!
  • Rayquaza!
  • Feraligatr!

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