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Life and Times of Juniper Lee TV Show Facts

Orchid Bay City is filled with all sorts of demons - some good, some evil - but they're kept separate from humans with a magical barrier. It's up to sassy young Juniper Lee to maintain this magical balance, and it's going to take all of her super-abilities to do it!

Life and Times of Juniper Lee - Main Characters

  • Juniper Lee - 11 year-old Juniper Lee is new to the world of magic when she is called to be the Te Xuan Ze - protector of the line between demons and humans.
  • Jasmine Lee - Jasmine is Juniper's grandmother and the last Te Xuan Ze. She's a tough lady who advises Juniper on her new role and makes sure she doesn't shirk her responsibilities.
  • Monroe - Monroe is Juniper's lactose intolerant, talking pug who has been alive for centuries, acting as the assistant to each Te Xuan Ze.
  • Ray Ray Lee - Ray Ray is Juniper's eight year-old brother. He's a hyperactive kid who can also see beyond the barrier.
  • Dennis Lee - Dennis is Juniper's older, teenage brother who is unable to see beyond the barrier.
  • Jody Irwin - Jody is the smartest, perkiest girl in school and one of Juniper's best friends.
  • Ophelia Ramirez - Ophelia is Juniper's other BFF who is a moody, goth chick.
  • Marcus Conner - Marcus is the coolest kid in school who Juniper has a crush on.
  • Life and Times of Juniper Lee - Fun Facts

  • The series creator, Judd Winick, was on the The Real World: San Fransisco.
  • The show is inspired by The Simpsons and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Orchid Bay City is based on San Francisco.
  • Lara Miller, who voices Juniper, has guest starred on Zoey 101.
  • Phil LaMarr, who voices Marcus Conner, is a prolific voice actor who has voiced characters on shows like Justice League Unlimited, Futurama, and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. He was also on MADtv.
  • Life and Times of Juniper Lee - Quotes

    "Tell Ray-Ray to shut up." - Juniper Lee
    "Can I bite him as well? It'd be a matter of personal pride to me." - Monroe

    "You play bass, Dennis. It's a miracle anyone even notices you." - Juniper Lee

    "Oh, Ray Ray, think you can hold Jodi's present in your knapsack?" - Juniper Lee
    "I'd rather have the genie!" - Ray Ray
    "Would you rather have a wedgie so fierce you'll stop growing?" - Juniper Lee "Give me the present..." - Ray Ray

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