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"Cromical" wrote:I understand why you may think I am not being supportive of France, but the fact is that I am being just as supportive as anyone else on this. I also see you are a liberal by you saying that you do support Justin Trudeau (conservative party supporter here) . I will put it quite blantly I disagree with what you said, about how we can't trust the government (USA China Russia) because in the end, they are exactly whom we should trust. You do understand politicians are normal people like you right, and their sole purpose is to help us. Honestly I have no idea how you dragged this into politics when we are talking about men whose only purpose is to kill. You also understand that, a 15 year old girl supporting something is a world away from stopping it. Also not to be rude but, could you spell a bit better? Thanks. yah the best way to show support is to do nothing an tell ppl thay shoud ignore the problem so it goes away. did I say I'm a liberal? no wunder ur so uninformed if you just make conclusions without knowin any facts. of course u trust the US Russia an China, u support the conservatives who want Mr Harper to still be PM. I wish u would pay attention if ur gonna post here, I didn't 'drag this into politics', I just started a topic about 1 way ppl can show support for France in a tragedy, u were the 1 that brought goverments into this an now ur bringin Canadian political parties into it. I woud have to say after readin your posts I understand much better than u do. An yes I can spell better ty for askin
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DigiClash posted in Say Anything:
These days lot of apps have come in the field of Education.  When Kids are using App, why not to use the App for learning and development rather than games. BrainyKids is a totally child friendly compendium of 8 engaging educational activities to prepare toddlers for kindergarten. BrainyKids is a complete package for kids who want to learn Pre Nursery activities like Alphabets, Numbers, Colours, Shapes, Days of the week, Name of the Months, Animals along with the exciting Voices and a very entertaining ABC Song for kids. Download Now: Brainykids- ABC Song for Kids ############.######.######################?id=com.kidseducationalapp.afzal.gridview
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XxIHateMathxX posted in General:
Paper stops us from aging. What are wrinkles?
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HappyBaker posted in General:
Banned for using a * :P
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