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I am afraid of getting surgery and height but when I was little I loved being up high in the air because I felt like I was flying
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Emobunny posted in General:
Everyone's afraid of something, and with Halloween right around the corner, I'd like to know what you all think.
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Abbygirl 9
Abbygirl 9 posted in Food:
pizza and ice cream
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rachel_83 posted in Food:
All the famous recipes in each & every country around the world __________________________________________________ I am a foodie I want to travel around the world and tat is one of my dreams. [s:sm3/1jvz]
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A friend you met in a chat room wants to meet up and go to the mall. You:
  • Tell them you're sorry but you can't meet them in person since you don't know them
  • Say yes and then double-check with your parents that it's OK
  • Say yes as long as you can bring your BFF along
  • Say yes and head out the door to meet them