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vir_11 posted in Debating:
♥villain ♥ hero♥  
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shahgee posted in Debating:
love is a feeling of heart [s:sm3/1jw1] [s:sm3/1jw1]
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swirly-girly posted in General:
hey dino, I hate readin school books so heres a tip I got from my brainiac cousin, get a study buddy. I used to read things like a hundred times but with a buddy u just read it an talk about it. I learn more when we're talkin about it than when I'm readin. its even better if u can get a study group to study for tests an work on homework together. evrybodys good at something so theres almost always somebody that knows wut u workin on but u need at least 4 ppl for a study group
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Desmondlove1 posted in Debating:
 [s:p/zxl] [s:p/zxl] [s:p/zxl] [s:p/zxl]
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