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hugebear posted in Electronics:
I has got the 96% [charging]
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hugebear posted in Say Anything:
This is the big pickle. I am sorry for what his girlfriend is going through with her family.  If he was asking me the advise himself I would ask him what does he want to do and why?  If he says he wants to stay with her during this difficult time then I would 100% respect that and not tell him he needs to break up or interferes.  Its his decision. If he said he wants to break up with her - I would say let her down gently and explain that he wants to stay friends but that maybe they should take the little break as bf/gf and see how it goes from there.. Tell him good luck and I hope his gf is ok :angel
reply 44 minutes
I was the same way in 8th grade. The best thing to do is go ahead and get use to harder classes. I found out the thing that helped me the most was a study schedule. In the class that you have an F in try to talk to your teacher about extra credit work and also maybe try to set up time after or before school to meet with the teacher and see why you are failing and get extra help. In 8th grade your classes don't count as much towards college but what you make will decide on what you take in high school and those classes decide what you take in college. So the best thing to do is try your best and get help when you need it. Don't wait till the end of the semester/year to get help because then teachers are less likely to want to help or try to help you. 
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hugebear posted in General:
Its the dancing shoes What rhymes with bear?
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