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I wanna know what you people are doing. I'm eating snacks LOL. ;)
reply 37 minutes
If you mean the disease, yeah it was kinda gross... but ok.. :D 
reply 42 minutes
No. Seriously. Look up Blue Waffles on Google.
reply about 1 hour
"Pink_Cool_Girl" wrote:(I love how your signature says "Ummm.... Yeah")Depends what your looking up. Looking up "Blue Waffles" will make ya REAAALLLL smart And if you look  up baby potatoes it will make you even smarter
reply about 1 hour
A friend you met in a chat room wants to meet up and go to the mall. You:
  • Tell them you're sorry but you can't meet them in person since you don't know them
  • Say yes and then double-check with your parents that it's OK
  • Say yes as long as you can bring your BFF along
  • Say yes and head out the door to meet them

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