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"Alois_Trancy_" wrote:Okay since I'm right now thinking it's around the ones if depression,Have you ever considered suicide?Has anything sad in any manner happened recently? can you answer these please?
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MaDaRaHeCk posted in General:
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Teh_Skittlez posted in Debating:
"TheEnd777" wrote: This OP is biased. The law is NOT about discrimination it is about religious freedom. Why should a caterer or a florist be forced to serve for a wedding that they believe is wrong and immoral according to their religion? Doesn't that violate their freedoms?  No, we already decided this in the Civil Rights era, when the argument was about interracial marriage and segregation instead of gay marriage, and the same arguments were being used by the racists; why should a religious business owner with genuinely held convictions that he believes are religiously inspired be required to serve a black man? Surely, he should be able to deny service to those he believes wrong and immoral according to his religion? Wouldn't it violate his freedoms to force him to serve people of other races?   Or do you see the problem? 
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AlphaT posted in Debating:
The problem I have with this bill is's ambiguous.  But, the governor who signed the law says that it does not give a license to discriminate against anyone. 
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