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Candiegirl posted in Debating:
I'm 13 and Ā½ I still play with dolls theres nothing wrong with it although I dont play as much anymore I still collect them with my step little sister but hey its better than me going out and getting pregnant like some ## , ## ,## , ## , and 17 year olds are doing now a days
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RajeswariRLSS posted in Debating:
Its nice in decent terms without interruption to parents,neighbourhood etc.Playing is good for health. For girls, dancing is a good exercise.I just love dance. If u are interested in sports, u have the right to catch ur aim without disturbing others.
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Silver70 posted in Debating:
I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Maturity comes late for some.
reply about 1 hour
GreenForest23 posted in General:
Mine is 23rd AugustĀ 
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