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shae508 posted in Debating:
"Desmondlove1" wrote:I mean Nigeria boko  haram war Yep, totally made sense. :P Again, I understand English might not be your first language.But maybe..rephrase?   
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Desmondlove1 posted in Debating:
I mean Nigeria boko  haram war
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shae508 posted in Debating: One. Girl and guys pretty much sin the same amount. (Well, I 'sin' a bit more. Gay and all. ;)) But trying to judge if a person is sinful or not based on their gender is no offense. Dumb. Oh, and the reason we see black and red as evil is because the dark is like night. The unknown filled with dangers. It's natural for humans to fer it. And red is like the color of blood.Something not meant to be really seen. (Unless your a girl.) So of course we'd see these things as evil. And light colors like white, or light blue would be associated with god because light means day. Which most of the time means safe. There, question answered. hard to understand. Rephrase please? What do you mean by Nigeria gives them a chance? What? Like they let Satan in or something? And my seems a bit, no offense. Prissy? I dunno. Not my type of dude. I mean, if I went by his word I couldn't even wear two clothes of different fabrics. :P At least Satan lets me wear whatever the Hell. (XD) I want.  But no Satan either. I go by the universe. Ying Yang stuff. You. Sorry to say. Can't live without Satan, without him this world would be perfect. And probably collapse upon it's self. 
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Mirror mirror on the wall, how do I ask my ex to the dance without having to crawl
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