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AlphaT posted in Debating:
"RawrImacat" wrote:(Can't quote, on mobile)   Not as a more masculine female, or more feminine male? It's a binary, I thought that was a given. 
reply about 1 hour
zapsap posted in Say Anything:
That's cool, I'm sure you can get back into it, which you definitely should haha. It gets easier the more you understand the structure and everything. And I honestly want to speak so many languages in the future but I just need to find the motivation   :e Soooo, I'd say your hopes definitely aren't too high! When it comes to languages, you just have to believe in yourself and study hard (ง'̀-'́)ง
reply about 2 hours
zapsap posted in Say Anything:
"Turtles14" wrote:lol im self studying japanese... it's a really cool lang. It really is :D and fairly easy when you get the hang of it 頑張りましょうね!
reply about 2 hours
Omg girl ur incredible I feel like the lucky one to have met you
reply about 4 hours
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