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Halloween costume ideas and tricks

DIY Halloween Decorations

Spider Sacks Filled with Thousands of Spiders

Oct 06, 2016 There are very few times of the year where you can decorate a place with the sole purpose of freaking people out. With these simple decorations you ca...read more

The Scariest Video Games of All Time

A horror game can often outdo a horror movie.

Oct 07, 2016 Halloween is coming up so what better time to pop in some scary video games? Which games are scariest, you ask? Kidzworld has you covered!...read more

Zombie Costume Tips

Zombie Costume

Oct 27, 2016 Every year for Halloween, you love dressing up in the same costume, but this year you want to switch it up. Here are some tips to make your costume, a...read more

Creepy Books to Read This Halloween!

Kidzworld recommends some creepy reads for Halloween!

Oct 27, 2015 If you like a good scare every now and then, don't miss these terrifying books, perfect for Halloween!...read more

Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Boys

Halloween is just around the corner and you can be anything from a villain to superhero, find out more in the Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Boys!

Superhero, supervillain, ghost and ghouls - it can be hard to decide what to go as for Halloween. If you're stuck for ideas than never fear, check out...read more

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