Halloween costume ideas and tricks

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Halloween Party Planning Tips

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Top 10 Halloween Candy

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mY bestie  angel (heyitsangel) shes the only friend i got friend her shes awsome epic amazeing bright faithfull hopefull careing loving best thing i got to be best friends with her :) :) :) ♡♥♡ anngel  your always gonna be my bff right? :)(:
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BuzzJuzz posted in Electronics:
Our whole life depends on electronics. Without living with them is now like living without drinking water which is absolutely impossible. 
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AlphaT posted in Electronics:
"-Karpov-" wrote: "AlphaT" wrote: you know that we could throw studies at each other all day. Good luck, considering the consensus of those doctors and psychologists is against you.  "AlphaT" wrote: Lots of people who spend large amounts of time on The Internet do so to escape social anxiety. That is why MANY people who feel like social outcasts, or are anxious in a social setting, resort to social networking. You're saying that people who don't socialize / don't want to socialize / can't socialize have found a way where they can comfortably socialize with others through social networking and somehow that is a bad thing. Truly these are the end times I'm just going to post this and then not reply to you again because I already know how it would go.   You have given me two individual people in the first study, and five in the second. I'm not following how this is a consensus of anything. The HomeNet 1 study was inconclusive, it didn't exactly account for the people's different uses for Internet use. HomeNet 2 even validates my claim. They found that heavier internet use leads to a decline in face to face social interaction. But again, this test was before Internet networking became what it is today, along with every single study you have mentioned. I have found some good studies out there, but not anything that I wouldn't have to pay 30 bucks for or whatever. I never said that The Internet makes people lonely, I stated that the Internet is where lonely people go to find false solace. And that, is unhealthy. I'm just going to post this and then not reply to you again because I already know how it would go. OMG You're a psychic? What's my future?
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