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Halloween costume ideas and tricks

Creepy Books to Read This Halloween!

Kidzworld recommends some creepy reads for Halloween!

Oct 27, 2015 If you like a good scare every now and then, don't miss these terrifying books, perfect for Halloween!...read more

Science Project: Spooky Halloween Smoke Machine

Science Project: Spooky Halloween Smoke Machine

Oct 09, 2016 What is the best part about Halloween? The costumes? The candy? Getting to roam your neighborhood well into the night? Or is it the science? Learn how...read more

Zombie Costume Tips

Zombie Costume

Oct 27, 2016 Every year for Halloween, you love dressing up in the same costume, but this year you want to switch it up. Here are some tips to make your costume, a...read more

Kidzworld Kitchen: Halloween

Carrot Fingers and Hummous

The most important thing about Halloween is definitely putting together the perfect costume, but after that is settled the second most important thing...read more

The Scariest Video Games of All Time

A horror game can often outdo a horror movie.

Oct 07, 2016 Halloween is coming up so what better time to pop in some scary video games? Which games are scariest, you ask? Kidzworld has you covered!...read more

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Hey, I'm going to start a development group for a possible video game I'd like to help develop. The project code name is Ivolve. It is going to be a 3D environment simulator. It is a relatively big commitment, so if your interested, you can reply to this post AFTER 21 JANUARY (AEDT). There are several position available. Music Engineer Programmer Graphic Designer Head of programming Bug tester Public relations manager Legal advisor More roles to come. We will communicate through Slack and once you have joined, I'll give you instructions on how to get onto Slack. Thanks, P.S it's pretty funny that I'm underage an this is a kids social network yet there is always a Facebook ad at the top of my screen.
reply 8 minutes
I can only get one. Do I get Sims 3 or Sims 4?!!!?
reply 19 minutes
There's a second Phantom of the Opera?!?! :bigfrown
reply 20 minutes
                                                                  ​name- charlotte huckles ​nickname- charlotte ​age- 17 ​gender- female sexuality- ??? appearance-   [s:p/1iyi] voice and accent- soft and soothing voice, most of the time will calm people down ​clothing/ casual- red leather jacket with jeans and runners clothing/formal-  red short dress with orange at ends, white high heels and hair down and straight ​personality- outgoing, will do anything to have fun, no matter how much trouble she has to go through favorite traits- archery/biking/gymnastics ​least fave traits- driving/baking/gardening ​how kind- she's pretty kind ​how mature- not at all ​how creative- very, can make any problem into a game ​how cunning- ??? lawful or chaotic- chaotic ​reaction to having to kill someone- she will argue even though she will do it if given good reason ​is the scythe program worth it- no ​loyal to dictator- doesn't want to be but yes ​reaction to killing someone close to them- very bad, if she is put under to much pressure she will lose it extra personality- has dyslexia and can speak Japanese ​history- was always the only one having fun, in her single digits of age, she lived in japan, but moved to Australia later on ​code- blade
reply 24 minutes
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