Game News: 2005, 04, 24-30

Get the scoop on the Teen Titans card game, win $5,000 with The Sims 2, get one million Neopoints and the facts on the Xbox 2!
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It's time for the latest on what's going down in video games! We have the scoop on a very non-video-game Teen Titans game, the latest from The Sims 2 from Electronic Arts, a one million Neopoint news bulletin and some wicked news about the Xbox 2. But, first, here are the latest games to hit the street and the ones that are comin' out next week!

What Hot New Video Games Just Dropped?

  • April 24 - Popeye: Rush for Spinach for GBA.
  • April 25 - FIFA Soccer for PSP.
  • April 25 - NBA Street Showdown for PSP.
  • April 26 - Finny the Fish & the Seven Waters for PS2.
  • April 26 - Motocross Mania 3 for Xbox.
  • April 26 - Pac-Pix for Nintendo DS.
  • April 26 - Puyo-Pop Fever for Nintendo DS.
  • What Cool Video Games are Dropping Next Week?

  • April 30 - Pokemon Emerald for GBA.
  • May 2 - Cartoon Network Block Party / Cartoon Network Speedway Double Pack for GBA.
  • May 2 - Egg Monster Heroes for DS.
  • May 2 - Mobile Suit Gundam Seed for DS.
  • May 2 - Monster Trucks / Quad Desert Fury Double Pack for GBA.
  • May 2 - TrackMania Sunrise for PC.
  • May 2 - World of EA Sports 2004 for PC.
  • May 3 - Enthusia Professional Racing for PS2.
  • May 3 - Forza Motorsport for Xbox.
  • May 3 - GTR for Xbox and PC.
  • May 3 - Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee for PSP.
  • May 3 - Motocross Mania 3 for PS2.
  • May 3 - MVP Baseball for PSP.
  • May 4 - Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith for PS2, Xbox, DS and GBA.
  • Teen Titans Trading Card Game!

    Yep, the super-powered teens are coming to a deck near you thanks to the gaming peeps at Bandai. The word is that the Teen Titans Collectible Card Game will be savin' the day at a store near you by the end of 2005. We'll have the news for you when it drops!

    Win Cash with The Sims 2 Movie Contest from EA!

    [kwlink]The Sims 2[/kwlink] has University on the go plus dating and vampires just around the corner. If that's not enough, now there's serious bling-bling for peeps with movie making skills. The Sims 2 just won't quit! Electronic Arts just announced a contest with a $5,000 grand prize for one lucky gamer. All you have to do is make a really cool Sims 2 movie with the program built-into the game. If you want all the facts on how to enter and win, you'll find 'em at!

    Find One Million Neopoints in the Lost Desert!

    Get ready to eat some dust when The Lost Desert expansion for the Neopets card game drops on June 10, 2005! This new set goes for a trip into the dusty wastes and heads straight for King Coltzan the First's city of Sakhmet. Ancient ruins, powerful curses, new (cute!) neopets and a million-Neopoint Fyora Faerie Doll can be yours. We'll have more info, and sneak peeks, soon!

    What's New With the Xbox 2?

    On May 12, 2005 you'll be able to catch everyone's fave hobbit, Elijah Wood, giving the scoop on the Xbox 2 on MTV. But, we have the latest rumors for ya right here:
  • The Xbox 2 will be called the Xbox 360.
  • It's a smaller system and it's grey/white rather than black.
  • It'll have wireless controllers so no more tangles or tripping over 'em!
  • It'll be able to stand on its side like a PS2.
  • The real deal will come up on May 16, 2005 when big Bill Gates drops a heap of info at the big E3 game conference. Until then, we'll have to keep guessing!

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