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SingStar Rocks! Playstation 2 Karaoke Video Game Review

Put down your laser blasters, park your race cars and get ready to belt out the tunes as you play a video game that tests your singing skill! Sony’s SingStar Rocks! for the Playstation 2 brings home the musical mayhem with a cool new video game. It comes with two microphones and 30 awesome songs by famous artists like Fall Out Boy, Gwen Stefani, Aretha Franklin, Good Charlotte and more! So, how awesome is this game? Find out with Gary’s review!

SingStar Rocks! - Singin’ Like a Diva

SingStar Rocks! comes with two microphones that you plug into your PS2 before you load up the list of 30 songs. When each one plays, you get a bar in the middle of the screen as the lyrics scroll past and as you sing your voice shows up as a dot. The lower your pitch, the lower-down the dot appears, the higher you sing the higher up the dot moves and you’re challenged to match the dot to the bar. The better you do, the more points you score.

SingStar Rock! - Hitting the High Notes

There’s a ton of cool stuff in SingStar Rocks! Like, for starters, each song coming with the music video so you get to watch ‘em as you sing along. You also get all 30 songs to start with, and a few different ways to play them. The multiplayer modes are a blast and a great way for you and some of your friends to be rock stars when you’re throwing a party. Especially if you plug in the PS2 EyeToy and combine dance moves with your singing skills! The mics are quality too and are totally worth the extra $10. Especially cuz they don’t need batteries, and you can plug ‘em into a PS3! You can also record your singing performances and play them back to impress your friends! Or to scare off burglars, like Gary does with his.

SingStar Rocks! - Wailing and Screaming

One bummer about this game is that using your voice is hard! Unless you’ve had some singing training it’s like playing PS2 with your toes, and it can totally tire out your throat (*hint* being unable to talk is a great way to miss a day of school!) if you overdo it. It’s also an extra $10 for the mics and they’re no good for any other games.

SingStar Rocks! - Rock Star or Wannabe?

Bust out your American Idol dreams and give this game a try! It’s a bit more $$$ than your average game, but it’s awesome and works on PS2 or PS3. Not only is it a fun game to play, it’s a great way to learn some singing skills, or to practice ‘em if you’re already a diva!

SingStar Rocks! Thumbs Up:

  • Live your American Idol dreams from your living room!
  • Music videos to go along with the songs!
  • Challenge your friends to multiplayer sing-offs.
  • Awesome microphones!
  • Record your performance and play it back to impress or terrify your friends.
  • SingStar Rocks! Thumbs Down:

  • The microphones make it cost extra.
  • Unless you’re a singing diva, it’s hard!
  • Some old-skool songs.
  • SingStar Rocks! Game Rating:

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