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Get the scoop on the levels, the powers, the laughs and move of EA’s The Simpsons Game with our preview!
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The Simpsons family has been on TV for years, just had a [KWLINK ]big movie[/KWLINK] hit theaters and now they're going digital with The Simpsons Game from Electronic Arts! Gary hung out with Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Maggie and the rest of the Springfield crowd for a while and now he has the scoop on how the game goes for you right here. Check it all out and your comments!

The Simpsons Big Happy Super Fun Fun Video

Right-click this link to download the video of Homer and Lisa kicking butt, Simpsons style!
  • The Simpsons Big Super Happy Fun Fun Video - mov file (100MB)
  • Check out these preview pictures from The Simpsons Game from EA!
    Check out these preview pictures from The Simpsons Game from EA!
    Check out these preview pictures from The Simpsons Game from EA!

    The Basics

    This game lets you play as the Simpsons through 16 levels of 3D action, adventure and laughs as the Simpsons realize they're in a video game and have video game powers. Before you know it you're fending of Kodos and Kang, exploring familiar-looking games as the Simpsons, unleashing hilarious attacks and more! The PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360 and Wii versions are the same game. The Nintendo DS version is a 2D platformer, but it has the same story and a downloadable multiplayer mode so your friends can join in the fun!

    Check out these preview pictures from The Simpsons Game from EA!
    Check out these preview pictures from The Simpsons Game from EA!
    Check out these preview pictures from The Simpsons Game from EA!
    Check out these preview pictures from The Simpsons Game from EA!

    Video Game Powers!

    Each member of the Simpsons family has special video game powers you can use and upgrade. You use up your Power Meter with each special move and recharge it with items. If you charge your Power Meter past the white line you can unleash a super attack! Here's what each character can do.

    Special Attack: Stun Burp which is a belch of green gas that stuns people in front of him.
    Super Attack: Mega Burp which is an explosive belch that blasts everybody in front of him.
    Special Move: Fat Ball turns Homer into a giant fat ball and can roll over enemies or flatten obstacles!
    Other Moves: Food Powers. Eating different foods gives Homer food-powers. He can spit green goo, float like a balloon and more!

    Special Attack: Megaphone Blast has Marge yelling into her megaphone to stun everybody in front of her.
    Super Attack: Megaphone Blowback is a super-powered megaphone blast that flattens enemies and can destroy obstacles.
    Special Move: Crowd Control allows Marge to rally a mob of Springfield citizens to do her bidding - attacking, moving and even building as you command.
    Other Moves: Maggie can be unleashed by Marge into air vents and small passages to solve puzzles.

    Special Attack: Slingshot is used by Bart to pelt enemies to teach them a lesson.
    Super Attack: Power Shot is a high-power blast that flattens anything it hits.
    Special Move: Bartman allows Bart to turn into the caped crusader complete with cool gadgets like a gliding cape, zip-line, grappling hook and more.
    Other Moves: Bartman! All of Bart's special powers come from Bartman's gadgets & gear.

    Special Attack: Sax Stunner is a blast on her saxophone stuns everybody near Lisa.
    Super Attack: Super Spin is a powered-up attack that turns Lisa into a spinning engine of destruction!
    Special Move: Hand of Buddha has Lisa meditating at Buddha statue, letting her command the Hand of Buddha, a giant floating hand that can pick up and move everything from cars to barrels.
    Other Moves: Hand of Buddha. All of Lisa's special powers come from her sax and the hand of Buddha.

    Check out these preview pictures from The Simpsons Game from EA!
    Check out these preview pictures from The Simpsons Game from EA!
    Check out these preview pictures from The Simpsons Game from EA!
    Check out these preview pictures from The Simpsons Game from EA!

    The Levels!

    The action and adventure of the game is divided into Four Acts. Each one has four levels for a total of 16 and here's the 411 on what each act is all about.
  • Levels 1-4: The Simpsons realize they're in a video game and learn to control their video game powers!
  • Levels 5-8: Kang and Kodos invade Springfield! Bad aliens, no cookie.
  • Levels 9-12: Trying to find the source of all the weirdness, the Simpsons invade a video-game factory and end up in the middle of a bunch of familiar video games - but now they're the stars!
  • Levels 13-16: ??? The last levels are still a mystery, but you get to beat up Matt Groenig (the creator of The Simpsons) at the end of level 12!

  • The Laughs!

    The Simpsons cartoon wouldn't have lasted 17 years without jokes and The Simpsons Game is packed with 'em too! It's loaded with jokes about video games, TV shows, movies and even how EA has a bad habit of cranking out games that suck. All the levels, powers and bosses have a heaping helping of funny, especially the Level 12 showdown with Simpsons-creator Matt Groenig and the 31 Video Game Cliché moments you can uncover.

    The Mystery

    The big mystery about this game is Levels 13-16 in the Fourth Act. There's no word on what they are, what you get to do or anything. They start up right after you clobber Matt Groenig at the end of Level 12 but we'll have to wait until the game drops on before we'll find out what they are!

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