Quiz the Coach - I Went Swimming With My Period

Jun 26, 2006

Last time when I was swimming, I was having my period. I sort of regret it because my mom told me that I might catch a disease.

Horseback Riding

Jun 19, 2006

Horseback riding involves more than just sitting on a horse and hanging on. Riding horses can also keep you physically and mentally fit.

Quiz the Coach - I Have To Go To Soccer Camp

Jun 12, 2006

My dad signed me up for soccer camp this summer so now I have to play soccer for three hours every day for two weeks.

Summer Sports Camps

May 31, 2006

Why not ditch your parents this summer and spend some time at a camp playing your favorite sport.

Quiz the Coach - How Do I Play Against Tall Guys

May 26, 2006

When I play basketball against tall people, I don't play well. What skills should I practice to fix this?

Your Worst Sports Injuries

May 19, 2006

From wipeouts in the halfpipe to collisions on dirtbikes, Kidzworld members share stories of their worst sports injuries.

USA Tennis Month

May 08, 2006

May is Tennis Month so start raisin' a racket and smashin' some balls. It's an easy sport to learn and a great way to stay in shape. If you start now, you can even learn to play for free.

Quiz the Coach - Track Season is Coming

May 01, 2006

Track season is coming up soon. I want to do sprinting but I need to lose some weight and get a lot faster. What should I do?

Gymnastics 101

Apr 21, 2006

It's one of the world's oldest sports that tests strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. Kidzworld has the 411 on gymnastics.

Quiz the Coach - Who's Hit The Most Homeruns?

Apr 17, 2006

What baseball player has the most homeruns? Where does my favorite player, Alex Rodriguez, stand?

Quiz The Coach - Will Lifting Weights Stunt My Growth

Apr 03, 2006

"Is it true if I start to lift weights it will stunt my growth?" Find out more about weight training right here.

Skipping For Your Health

Mar 27, 2006

Jumping rope is a great way to improve your cardio fitness, strengthen your bones and test your coordination.

Quiz the Coach - I'm Self-Concious of my Breasts

Mar 20, 2006

I'm having this dilemma of whether or not to play sport. When I run, I feel so ashamed of my bouncing boobs.

Arm Wrestling 101

Mar 10, 2006

Arm wrestling is a sport that's all about brute strength, good leverage and quick instincts. Find out more about this sport right here. Check out facts, info, techniques and training tips on arm wrestling.

Quiz the Coach - There's A New Girl On The Team

Mar 06, 2006

I was the best player on the girls teams until this one girl came. Now we're in a huge competition about scoring the most.

Quiz the Coach - I Want To Get To The Olympics

Feb 20, 2006

My goal in life is to go to the 2012 Olympics. I want to do volleyball - I'm good. How do I get to the Olympics?

Female Athlete Triad

Feb 11, 2006

Girls who play sports or exercise may be at risk for Female Athlete Triad. Find out more about this condition here.

Get Wet With Water Polo

Feb 02, 2006

It's a fast-paced sport that combines swimming, basketball and football. Kidzworld checks out the sport of water polo.

Overcoming Disabilities

Jan 30, 2006

No arms, no legs, no problems. Kidzworld looks at those who have overcome their disabilities and become star athletes.

Quiz the Coach - I'm Overweight For My Age

Jan 23, 2006

I am overweight for my age and I am actually really active but I can't afford to play other sports. What can I do?

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