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Quiz The Coach: I'm Not A Starter Any More!

Today I found out that three new players are on the starting team and I'm not! I'm upset because I always give it my more
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Caitlin Ohama-Darcus Interview

Caitlin Ohama-Darcus is a Canadian teen who works hard to protect the environment. KW sat down to talk to her! more

Sindy's Blog - January 22, 2004

Everything seems to be back to normal at school. My farting dilemma isn't registering on anyone's radar anymore and I'm more

Jay Hernandez Biography

Since starring in Crazy/Beautiful with Kirsten Dunst, everyone's talking about the talented hottie Jay Hernandez. The young actor was more
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Dear Dish-It, I Used to Make Fun of Him

There is this boy named Josh that I made fun of last year. This year he's changed from ugly and dorky to cute and sweet! more
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Sindy's Blog - December 16, 2004

My mom is finally letting me get a pet. Her name is Penelope and she is so cute! She's so much cooler than Simon's more

Slumber Party Girls CD Review

The Slumber Party Girls have just dropped their debut album, Dance Revolution. Will it keep you dancing until dawn or put your party to sleep? more

Sindy's Blog - January 29, 2004

Man! Just when I thought that everything was back to normal, another problem shows up to take the place of the last fiasco! more
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Dear Dish-It, My Boyfriend Acts Shady at School

My boyfriend, that is in the 7th grade, calls me but acts shady at school. He won't talk to me at school but on the phone he tells me how much he more

ChatNow Communicators

Chat with your friends, send text messages and take digital pics with the ChatNow Flip Communicators from more
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Overview of Obesity

As kids spend more time in front of the computer and TV, their levels of physical activity have decreased while their weights have more

Simon's Blog - December 21, 2004

Well, I'm done with girls for a while. Remember that cute girl Rachel who I, really, really liked? We broke more
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Simon's Blog - November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving has arrived! Time to stuff my face with food, anchor myself to the couch and be glad I'm not a more
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DuWop Lip Venom Review

Instead of Angelina Jolie's pouty pucker you've got Jim Carey's thin grin? Well, there's a little something that might be able to help ya out. No, it' more

Love Match - The Compatibility Test

Is your crush the one for you? Take this astrological compatibility quiz to find out if love is in your more

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Millions of kids and teens around the world have safe places to play, learn and develop valuable life skills, thanks to Boys and more

Dear Dish-It, Valentine's Day Dilemmas

Hi, I have a boyfriend named Zack but I am too young to go on a date. What should I do at school on Valentine's Day? more

Mandy Musgrave Interview

She's pretty new to the Hollywood scene and she's already raising a few eyebrows. We sit down to chat with South of Nowhere's Mandy more

Sindy's Blog - February 5, 2004

T minus three hours until my week-long grounding is finally over. This really has been one of the most painful weeks of my more
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