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PS2 Price Drop and E3 Video Game Convention News!

Want the latest video game news? We have it here at Kidzworld! We have the scoop on what the Nintendo head honcho said about the price for Nintendo Revolution video games, plus rumors about Burger King getting in on the Xbox gaming action! Get all the info here, plus a list of what new games are dropping this week.

Sony Drops the Playstation 2 Price!

The Playstation 3 is on the way this year and, to celebrate, the price tag on the Playstation 2 just dropped! Rather than having to blow $149 US of allowance to get one, you can pick one up for $129 US instead. That's enough cash for pizza, pop and a video game rental!

E3 Video Game Convention News and Previews

E3 is the Electronics Entertainment Expo, it happens in May and it's the biggest video game convention in the world. All the newest video games and video game news will be there and Capcom, the makers of Mega Man Powered Up, just announced what new games they're showing off.

Gameboy Advance

  • Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar
  • Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar
  • Nintendo DS

  • Mega Man ZX
  • Playstation 2

  • Okami
  • God Hand
  • Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
  • PSP

  • Ultimate Ghosts �n Goblins
  • Monster Hunter Freedom
  • Xbox 360

  • Lost Planet
  • Dead Rising
  • Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    Eragon Game For DS, GBA, PC, PSP, PS2, Xbox & Xbox 360!

    There's a dragon-filled Eragon video game coming! It's release coincides with the Eragon movie that's coming on December 12, 2006, which is based on the incredible Eragon fantasy novels by Christopher Paolini. You'll be able to play as the young hero Eragon as he learns to ride a dragon, use magic and wield a sword. Here's the scoop on what the game will be like for each game system.
  • DS - Eragon will be an action-packed RPG game with touch-screen spellcasting and mini-games!
  • GBA - The GBA Eragon game will be an RPG with nine characters and lots of options.
  • PC, PS2, Xbox, and Xbox 360 - The Eragon game on these systems will have an incredible battle system that lets you use tons of moves, magic and even your dragon to defeat your opponent. You'll also be able to have flying dragon vs. dragon battles by yourself or online!
  • PSP - With multiplayer aerial battles, the PSP version of Eragon is all about Eragon's dragon, Saphira.
  • Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    Wolverine Trailer for X-Men: The Official Game We have more videos from the upcoming X-Men: The Official Game and these ones are all about Wolverine kicking butt! All you have to do to check out the action is click on the trailer you want to see and wait for it to download.

  • X-Men Wolverine Video - Medium size, Quicktime file. (35MB)
  • X-Men Wolverine Video - Small size, Quicktime file. (11MB)
  • Monday, April 17, 2006

    Burger King Gets in on the Xbox Gaming Action!

    Burger King is going from serving burgers with a side of fries to serving burgers with a side of Xbox gaming action! There's a rumor that they're working on making some super low-cost video games for the Xbox and selling them for $4 each. What do you think? with your thoughts!

    Nintendo Revolution Video Game Prices

    Not only is the upcoming Nintendo Revolution video game console going to be cheaper than the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the games are going to be el cheapo too! Rather than the $60 price tag you'll find on an Xbox 360 game like Burnout Revenge, the prices for Nintendo's awesome games will be $50 or less. Sound sweet?

    What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • April 18 - Lost Magic for DS.
  • April 18 - Final Fantasy XI for PC, PS2 and Xbox 360.
  • April 18 - SnoCross 2 Featuring Blair Morgan for PS2 and Xbox.
  • April 18 - World Rally Championship for PSP.
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