Kidzworld's Top 10 Video Games of 2006!

2006 is coming to an end with the glorious video-games-in-wrapping-paper celebration of Christmas! If you've been good Santa's stuffing your stocking with a new Nintendo Wii, or maybe a PS3 or an Xbox 360. If you've been bad you'll get a copy of Open Season. But, there are so many video games out there, which ones should you be crossing your fingers for this holiday season? Gary's got the 411 for you right here with his Top 10 Games of 2006 list. Starting at #10 and working up to #1, here they are!

#10. Viva Pinata for Xbox 360

Viva Pinata - Top Video Game of 2006 This cute, colorful, TV show-based game lets you take over a virtual garden and, with some skill and a lot of love, turn it into a pi�ata paradise! There are tons of pinatas to attract, mini-games to play and a story to uncover. It's easy enough for gamers of any age to enjoy, but has some challenging bits to keep hardcore pi�ata collectors busy. If only you could show off your garden online!

#9. Disney/Pixar's Cars for Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 & Wii

Cars - Top Video Game of 2006 Launching gamers into the world of the animated Cars movie, the Cars video game by Disney and Pixar drops you into Lightning McQueen's tires in Radiator Springs for more fun with the wacky talking cars. It has racing excitement, mini-games and something you don't find in movie-based games: a new story!

#8. Big Brain Academy for DS

Big Brain Academy - Top Video Game of 2006Exercising your brain sounds about as fun as math homework, until you give it a try! The Big Brain Academy is packed with mini-games that are fun to play and also stimulate your brain. Daily exercises get your frontal lobe warmed up and ready to tackle math class. This game is also a great way to convince your 'rents to get you a Nintendo DS!

#7. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team for DS

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Top Video Game of 2006 It's fun to collect and train Pokemon, but actually becoming a Pokemon and leading teams of Pokemon on missions to rescue other Pokemon and save the world from an environmental catastrophe is awesome! There are also ways to team up with friends, rescue their Pokemon if they get stuck, build teams of rare Pokemon and more!

#6. LocoRoco for PSP

LocoRoco - Top Video Game of 2006 There's a whole planet of cute, cuddly singing blobs that need you to rescue them from attacking space octopi! With tons of super cool levels that are easy enough for gamers of any age, plus incredibly challenging options for hardcore gamers, a way to build your own levels and to build a LocoRoco house, this game is a blast.


Agree with Gary's pics? Disagree? or email to tell him what you think!

Want to see Kidzworld's top five pics for the Top 10 Video Games of 2006? Come back next week for the final showdown!

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