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Sup new people to Kidzworld! I hope you like it here and if you friend me I would be really happy to tell you things about Kidzworld! Don't worry you can friend me I don't bite..............Just Saying
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arosalinda123 posted in Debating:
"alexiarina123" wrote:well yes I do . I  have experienced many miracles in my life .Its a miracle that I am alive by the power of God:when I was 2yrs old I had breathing problems with the inclusion of a severe fever.  It was one morning when ( 2yrs old still) they (the breathing problem and fever) had both striked at the same time while I was playing with toys. My mother ( is a nurse who) noticed that I wasn't breathing and had no heartbeat  either ,then a concerned and worried expression fell on her face. She then grabbed me ( out fear and sadness) and ran down the stairs with hot tears streaming down her cheeks and screamed to my dad " Alexia has died!! " . My father took me into his arms and then my uncle held at the same time also and they held me out and started to pray in Jesus' name. ( My uncle said a verse in which Jesus talked , its starts off like "let the little children come to me..........." in this way he was saying to God , this baby is yours , save her) . My heart beat sounded with a thump again which activated my breathing and with every thump of my heart , the devil was attacked. I was no longer a victim but a victor.  WOW ! :) , that's amazing!!
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Probably for everyone to be good and pure and have no worries like not saying they should be perfect but just be happy all the time instead of being down especially when people have heartbreaks
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FaithfulAngel412 posted in Food:
Gummy wormz
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