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(I didn't proofread this; it's too long and I'm still pretty busy. Please forgive any mistakes) @urifour11   Don't get me wrong, I like the body positivity thing, and I'm totally cool with it as long as they aren't acting like morbid obesity is perfectly fine. I like the inclusion of more races (but there were already darker skinned Barbie dolls, Barbie just happens to be the most popular of the Barbie dolls) a lot; I don't like diversity for the sake of diversity, but I do think that providing a broader spectrum of races and ethnicities is a nice thing. However, I feel that everyone focusing on the way these Barbie dolls look rather than Barbie's motto, "Be anything you want to be" is going to teach young girls to do the same- care more about their appearance than their futures. But maybe that's just me. Now, I still stand by my statement. If a girl starts feeling bad about her appearance because of Barbie, a doll that is not a real person, then that is her problem, because Barbie isn't real so of course no one is going to look like her. The gorgeous people in pop culture is what I can understand more because of how prominent it is, but it is still that person's choice to compare themselves to someone in the media. You're not going to look like someone who isn't you. That's just they way it is. And, forms of entertainment are starting to have a larger diversity of body types [and skin tones], except for in action movies because it's typically easier to fight and move around when you're thinner and more athletic. This is probably going to become less of a problem in future years. And to be honest, skinny-shaming is more of a problem now than fat-shaming is. @Pink_Cool_Girl Oh gosh, thanks! It's a shame I can't see the brand name to look into it even further, but this is more than enough. (: The laptops were definitely unnecessarily gendered, though I wouldn't go as far as calling it "sexist" (which may be just because I don't like that word). They have multiple gender-neutral toy laptops, and I think keeping it at that would be best (keeping the colours though. You know, pink for those who want it, blue, green, red, etc.).  I don't think the doctor/nurse thing is sexist because women generally become nurses [in all fields of nursing] more then men do, and men are usually doctors more than women. I do agree that them being gendered was unnecessary, since all actual stethoscopes look the same, but I think having a pretty pink one would be cooler than a blue and yellow one. (; The cleaning toy one isn't sexist to me. Young children- mostly girls in my experience, since we typically mature quicker than boys- like acting responsible, and cleaning is a responsible thing, so they made a cleaning trolley for girls who want to be responsible. Maybe it's a bit unnecessarily gendered as well, but similar to the doctor/nurse one, it has [sort of] good reasoning for doing so. (goodness this is long)
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CaptJolee posted in Say Anything:
"Pink_Cool_Girl" wrote: "CaptJolee" wrote: PIKACHU ( * find a pikachu on pokemon go*  IT'S PIKACHU * wastes misses every single time*  AH FFFFF) XD someone actually recorded that
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"CaptJolee" wrote:PIKACHU ( * find a pikachu on pokemon go*  IT'S PIKACHU * wastes misses every single time*  AH FFFFF)XD
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CaptJolee posted in Say Anything:
PIKACHU ( * find a pikachu on pokemon go*  IT'S PIKACHU * wastes misses every single time*  AH FFFFF)
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