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This is a tricky topic, because I believe that there should be no riots, but also no racism.  Part of the problem I believe is the media, for they choose to show mainly footage of rioting, but there is a ton of footage of children even PLAYING  with these cops online from people in Baltimore. As you said 200 out of 2000 people are out rioting, the rest being peaceful. Despite that the riots get attention, MLK was famous for being peaceful even when the opposition wasn't.  So was Rosa Parks.  Protesting peacefully is the best way, especially when people begin to see that one side is remaining cool-headed while another is acting rash.  Scientifically, parents aren't supposed to yell at their kids because it send a message to them that if their parents aren't staying calm, why should they? The same rule applies here. If protesters are acting violent, why should they be listened to?  I remember you talking about sports riots, and my dad always starts talking about media coverage with those when riots like this happen.  I really do believe that people should read blogs to get all sides of stories media covers before forming an opinion. Racism is an important issue today, and we need to make sure it is solved. :/
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shae508 posted in Say Anything:
I've seen it and it looks pretty interesting. But no.
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WizardGirl3311 posted in General:
Banned for misspelling lying (Not trying to be rude, just couldn't think of anything better.)
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