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Survivor 7 Panama Preview

So the seventh enstallment of the reality TV phenomenon, Survivor, hits the airwaves September 18, 2003 on CBS. This time the 16 castaways are stranded in Panama on the Pearl Islands. The two Survivor 7 tribes are called Drake and Morgan, after famous pirates.

So let's get busy and meet the Morgan tribe!

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS

Survivor 7 - Andrew Savage

Age: 40.
About Andrew Savage: Andrew Savage is a married lawyer with two daughters. He digs caramel corn, alternative rock and his fave color is Jaguar green (have you ever seen a green jaguar on National Geographic? Didn't think so.)
Why Andrew Thinks He's a Survivor: Andrews says it's his intelligence, athleticism and ability to get along with everyone in emotionally charged situations.
KIdzworld's Opinion: Andrew may last until the merge, but only if he doesn't keep telling people how smart he is.

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS

Survivor 7 - Darrah Johnson

Age: 22
About Darrah Johnson: Darrah is a mortician and funeral director who digs softball, Reese Witherspoon and Baked Lays. (Mmmm.. Baked Lays!)
Why Darrah Thinks She's a Survivor: Darrah Johnson says she considers herself hard working, competitive, athletic, ambitious, determined and in great physical and mental health.
Kidzworld's Opinion: Darrah Johnson works with dead people - we're not sure she'll be able to bond with live ones. She'll get the boot early.

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS

Survivor 7 - Tijuana Bradley

Age: 27
About Tijuana Bradley: Tijuana Bradley is a single waitress from St. Louis. She digs hip-hop music, Lucky Charms and Chess. Tijuana's also part of the Big Brother/Sister organization and volunteers at homeless shelters.
Why Tijuana Thinks She's a Survivor: Tijuana believes it's her sense of logic, attention to detail, athleticism, expression, motivation, ability to be realistic and nurturing nature.
Kidzworld's Opinion: Tijuana Bradley's ability to give of herself (volunteer) may take her to the final four.

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS

Survivor 7 - Ryan Shoulders

Age: 23
About Ryan Shoulders: Ryan Shoulders is from Tennesee and his most recent job was as a produce clerk in a grocery store. Ryan likes the movie Good Will Hunting, munching on Twix and his fave activity is walking.
Why Ryan S. Thinks He's a Survivor: Ryan considers himself to be very creative and to have a resourceful mind for problem solving.
Kidzworld's Opinion: Ryan Shoulders might as well have slacker tattooed on his forehead. People who think walking is a big outdoor activity don't make it far on Survivor. Ryan will get the boot early.

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS
Survivor 7 - Lillian Morris
Age: 57
About Lillian Morris: Big Lil, as she's known, is from Ohio and loves Diet Coke, checkers and hiking. She's married with two grown children and has been a Boy Scoutmaster for 11 years.
Why Big Lil Thinks She's a Survivor: Lil believes it's her outdoor skills, leadership, patience, ability to be a team player, tolerance, acceptance, positive attitude and resourcefulness.
Kidzworld's Opinion: Big Lil is in big trouble, if you look at the history of older women on Survivor. However, Lillian's been a hardcore outdoor-type for a long time so maybe she's got a shot.

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS
Survivor 7 - Nicole Delma
Age: 24 About Nicole Delma: Nicole is a single massage therapist who lives in California. Nicole loves Scrabble, wakeboarding, Drew Barrymore and the color flesh. (Okay... that's kinda weird.)
Why Nicole Thinks She's a Survivor: Nicole says she is in peak physical condition, young, energetic, certified in sports massage and medically trained.
Kidzworld's Opinion: The Morgan tribe would be crazy to vote off someone who can rub out their aches and pains after a grueling challenge. Nicole will make it to the merge.

Survivor 7 Panama Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS

Survivor 7 - Osten Taylor

Age: 27
About Osten Taylor: Osten is a suit-type who lives in Boston and is single. Osten's faves include Tom Cruise, golfing, cran-raspberry juice and "boozing" with his buddies (classy!).
Why Osten Thinks He's a Survivor: Osten says it's his mental stability, patience, wisdom, resourcefulness and God's blessing.
Kidzworld's Opinion: There's no cran-raspberry juice or buddies to "booze" with on the Pearl Islands so Osten may lose that mental stability he claims he has. We think Osten will get booted off early.

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS

Survivor 7 - Ryan Opray

Age: 31
About Ryan Opray: Ryan lives in Cali and works as an electrician. He's into chocolate chip cookies, Monopoly, Metallica and Jennifer Garner. Ryan's got a 20 year-old cat named Stanley.
Why Ryan O. Think's He's a Survivor: Ryan thinks it's his strength and ability to build things.
Kidzworld's Opinion: If Ryan Opray can build a killer shelter for the Morgan tribe, and not miss his ancient cat too much, he may just make it pretty far.

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