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Survivor 7 Panama Preview (pg. 2)

Now it's time to meet the Drake tribe in Survivor 7 Panama, The Pearl Islands.

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS

Survivor 7 - Rupert Boneham

Age: 39
About Rupert Boneham: Rupert Boneham is a troubled teen mentor in Indiana. He's married with a four year-old daughter and his faves include Frosted Mini-Wheats, fishing and The Simpsons TV show.
Why Rupert Thinks He's a Survivor: Rupert thinks it's his ability to be a team player, hunter and gatherer, camper and all-around survivor.
Kidzworld's Opinion: This too is too soft for Survivor. He's gonna try and "mentor" the younger Drake members and they're gonna vote him off.

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS

Survivor 7 - Sandra Diaz-Twine

Age: 39
About Sandra Diaz-Twine: Sandra Diaz-Twine is a married mother of two who lives in Washington. She works for Army and Air Force Exchange Program and digs fishing, Fear Factor, Ben Affleck and the color baby blue.
Why Sandra Thinks She's a Survivor: Sandra believes it's her ability to improvise and her small knowledge of hunting.
Kidzworld's Opinion: Sandra may be able to fly under the radar and get pretty far.

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS

Survivor 7 - Christa Hastie

Age: 24
About Christa Hastie: Christa is a computer programmer who lives in Los Angeles and is engaged to a racecar driver. Christa says she can fit in anywhere and her loves include the color pink, kickboxing, the LA Lakers and grapefruit. She was once arrested for sitting on the hood of her car while someone was trying to have it towed.
Why Christa Thinks She's a Survivor: Christa believes it's her food-making skills.
KIdzworld's Opinion: This girl annoys cops and her only skill is cooking. She'll be booted early. Then again, people like Heidi, Neleh and Elisabeth made it pretty far on nothing but a perky smile - so who knows?

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS

Survivor 7 - Jon Dalton

Age: 29
About Jon Dalton: Jon's the first person in his family to go to college and leave his hometown. Jon Dalton lives in LA, works as an art consultant and digs Ben Stiller, Girl Scout cookies and Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games.
Why Jon Thinks He's a Survivor: Jon sums it up by saying he's "smarter than the average bear."
Kidzworld's Opinion: Jon Dalton is a cutie, but not much else. Good looks hasn't gotten boys far on Survivor - well, maybe he's strong like Colby Donaldson. If not, he's a goner.

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS
Survivor 7 - Shawn Cohen
Age: 29
About Shawn Cohen: Single boy Shawn Cohen and his rottweiler Russty live in Hollywood where Shawn works in advertising sales. Shawn's faves include hip-hop and top forty music, watermelon and Life cereal.
Why Shawn Thinks He's a Survivor: Shawn thinks he's a survivor because he's competitive, a problem solver works well under pressure and he never quits.
Kidzworld's Opinion: Shawn Cohen comes across like a good guy who will probably be an asset to his tribe and make it until the merge. At that point, his strength will get him voted off.

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS
Survivor 7 - Michelle Tesauro
Age: 22
About Michelle Tesauro: Michelle is a former cheerleader who now lives in Washington, DC. Michelle Tesauro loves volleyball, Seinfeld reruns, bananas and extra-sweet iced tea.
Why Michelle Thinks She's a Survivor: Michelle believes her sense of humor will help her to get through difficult situations.
Kidzworld's Opinion: Michelle Tesauro is one of those annoying, young pretty things whose biggest contribution to Survivor will be her multiple bikini changes. She may be voted off early but, hey, didn't this exact type of girl win a million bucks on Survivor Amazon?

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS

Survivor 7 - Trish Dunn

Age: 42
About Trish Dunn: Trish is a wife and mother to 9 year-old twins who's hobbies include bungee jumping, marathon running and rock climbing. She also digs the color red, Collin Farrell, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries.
Why Trish Thinks She's a Survivor: Trish thinks it's her athletic skills.
Kidzworld's Opinion: Trish is levelheaded and atheletic. She should be in the final four - but this is Survivor and nothing makes sense on this show, so she'll be gone by the fourth episode.

Survivor 7 Panama The Pearl Islands
Courtesy CBS

Survivor 7 - Burton Roberts

Age: 31
About Burton Roberts: Burton is a smarty-pants with degrees in business and philosphy, and a masters degree in business administration. Besides feeding his brain, Burton Roberts loves to adventure race, travel and mountain bike. His fave foods include mangos, corn nuts and Dr. Pepper.
Why Burton Thinks He's a Survivor: Burton Roberts believes it's his experiences as an Eagle Scout and an adventure racer.
Kidzworld's Opinion: Burton has said that he's studied the show and how people have won. Brainiacs on deserted islands are no fun - he's gonna get voted off within the first three episodes.

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