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Celebrity Recap - April 2006

April 2006 Celebrity Birthdays

  • April 3rd - Amanda Bynes turned 20 while her What I Like About You co-star Jennie Garth hit 34.
  • April 4th - Jamie Lynn Spears celebrated her 15th birthday and Heath Ledger turned 27.
  • April 7th - Action hero, Jackie Chan, hit 52.
  • April 8th - Former Days of Our Lives' kid, Kristen Storms, turned 22.
  • April 9th - Teen heartthrob, Jesse McCartney, celebrated his 19th birthday.
  • April 10th - American Dreamz star, Mandy Moore, turned 22.
  • April 11th - Soul sista, Joss Stone, hit 19.
  • April 12th - Claire Danes celebrated her 27th birthday while former Charmed One, Shannen Doherty turned 35.
  • April 14th - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, otherwise known as Sarah Michelle Gellar, hit 29.
  • April 15th - Harry Potter star Emma Watson celebrated her Sweet 16.
  • April 17th - Becks' spicey wife, Victoria Beckham, turned 32.
  • April 18th - Sabrina the not-so-teenaged witch, Melissa Joan Hart, hit the big 3-0.
  • April 19th - Star Wars protege, Hayden Christensen, celebrated his 25th birthday while Kate Hudson turned 27.
  • April 24th - American Idol success, Kelly Clarkson, hit 24.
  • April 28th - Sexy Jessica Alba turned 25 and Penelope Cruz hit 32.
  • April 30th - Elizabethtown star, Kirsten Dunst, celebrated her 24th b-day.
  • April 2006 Celebrity Love Report

    We reported last month that Chad Michael Murray has been dating another one of his One Tree Hill co-stars, just months after calling it quits with wife Sophia Bush. Now, the Cinderella Story hunk has proposed to his new GF, 18 year-old Kenzie Dalton!

    April 2006 Celebrity Break-Ups

  • After just 82 days of marriage, Eminem has filed for divorce, again, from wife Kim Mathers. The couple was originally married in 1999, but split in 2001. Their first divorce resulted in an ugly custody battle for their daughter, Hailie, but somehow the pair reconciled their differences and re-married in January 2006.
  • Rap and R&B "IT" kids, Bow Wow and Ciara, have gone their separate ways after a year of dating. Statements released by Ciara's reps have said the split was not amicable and there are rumors of Bow Wow being spotted in public with another girl - while he was supposedly still dating Ciara!
  • April 2006 Celebrity Baby News

  • The much anticipated birth of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' baby finally happened. Little Suri Holmes Cruise was born on April 18, 2006 - ironically on the same day that Brooke Shields gave birth to her second child, Grier Hammond Henley.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow and hubby Chris Martin welcomed their second child into the world in early April. Their baby son has been named Moses and the couple already have a three-year old named Apple.
  • April 2006 Celebrity Contracts
  • A big-screen adaptation of the popular TV show, Baywatch, is in the works and Jessica Simpson is rumored to be taking on Pamela Anderson's old role of CJ Parker.
  • Rumors are flying that The O.C. bad-girl, Mischa Barton, is desperate to get out of her contract with FOX. She apparently has been arriving late for work on a regular basis and calls in sick just as often. Reps for the show say they will not comment on the rumors. Could this mean the end to the Marissa/Ryan drama forever?
  • Mariah Carey is looking to boost her popularity after signing on to be the latest spokesperson for Pepsi. Her contract involves Mariah starring in various Pepsi commercials as well as writing and producing 20 exclusive Pepsi ringtones!
  • April 2006 Other Celebrity News
  • The Miss America pageant is getting a make-over this year by airing seven individual episodes instead of a one-night TV special. The mini reality series will follow the girls in their preparations leading up to the big show. Viewers will actually get the opportunity to vote for their favorite girls during this reality series!
  • Keira Knightley donated her 2006 Oscar gown to world charity, Oxfam, to raise money for aid in drought-effected east Africa. The dress sold for close to $10,000 on ebay.
  • Lindsay Lohan is also looking to lend a hand to those in need in east Africa by planning a trip to Kenya in the coming months. Lindsay will head to the country with an organization called One Campaign and she will visit schools and medical clinics while there.
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    Cutest Celebrity Baby? Vote?

    • Tom and Katie's daughter, Suri.
    • Heath and Michelle's daughter, Matilda.
    • Gwyneth and Chris's son, Moses.
    • Britney and Kevin's son, Jayden

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