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Get game news and previews for Pirates, Nancy Drew, the Xbox 360 Elite, SEGA and PaRappa!
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Brace your brain for an explosion of gaming coolness cuz this week's gaming news is packed with stuff! Not only do we have the 411 on a new Xbox 360, we also have news, previews and pics for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, two Nancy Drew video games, SEGA's comic book games and the return of PaRappa The Rapper! Take a deep breath and scroll down, way down, for all the details. Plus, we have a list of all the new games that drop this week for every game system from Nintendo DS to Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 and even for your PC!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - Preview Pics

Yar har! Get ready to set sail with Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Barbossa, Davey Jones and even the mighty Kraken in the new Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End video game! The sword-swinging, pirate action is coming to the DS, Playstation, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360 and Wii when it launches on May 22, 2007, but we have preview pics right here. Click 'em to feast your eyes on the bigger version.

The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End game drops on May 22 and the movie hits theaters soon after!
The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End game drops on May 22 and the movie hits theaters soon after!
The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End game drops on May 22 and the movie hits theaters soon after!
The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End game drops on May 22 and the movie hits theaters soon after!

Nancy Drew Video Game Trailers

Nancy Drew has two new video games on the way, plus a new movie that drops this summer! The movie stars Emma Roberts as the famous Nancy Drew and the games star YOU as the puzzle-solving sleuth. The games are called Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek and Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull. Check out the game trailers right here!
  • Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull - .wmv file (4.3MB)
  • Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek - .avi file (105MB) **Caution: File is huge and only 30 seconds long, download at your own discretion. A smaller version will be posted once it is received.
  • SEGA Scores Marvel Comic Book Superheroes!

    Sonic the Hedgehog is super fast, but how does the blue dude stand up to his new next-door neighbors - Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The Incredible Hulk! SEGA just announced that they're making new video games with these Marvel characters. And, in case you hadn't heard, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk have new movies on the way too. Look out Spidey, it's superhero time!

    Xbox 360 Elite = Super-Powered Xbox 360!

    It's faster, stronger, has a bigger hard drive and, most importantly, it's black. Sweeeet... The new Xbox 360 Elite dropped over the weekend and you can snag one of these cool new systems for the low-low price of... $480 US?!? Ouch! If you have the cash, these new systems pack a 120GB hard drive to store more downloads from the Xbox Live Marketplace, HDTV compatibility and all the regular Xbox 360 extras done up in stylin' black. Yup, it's time to win the lottery.

    PaRappa The Ratter Returns on PSP!

    The rappin' puppy is back to serve up some hardcore hip-hop fun for the Sony Playstation Portable in July 2007! He's back, 10 years after he first appeared on the Playstation, with all the fun, songs and levels of the original PaRappa The Rapper game. You'll also get four-player wireless multiplayer, demo sharing and more game modes you can download! Can you help PaRappa rap his way into Sunny Funny's heart? Find out in July 2007!

    What Video Games are Dropping This Week?

  • May 1 - Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon for PSP.
  • May 1 - Legend of the Dragon for PS2, PSP and Wii.
  • May 1 - Winx Club: Join the Club for PSP.
  • May 4 - Spider-Man 3 for DS, GBA, PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.
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