How Do I Get Rid Of This Hair?

Jun 04, 2003

I have hairs on my belly button and I get really self-conscious. Is this normal for a girl? Should I shave or wax it off?

Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak GBA Review

Jun 04, 2003

Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams are in Gas-P on the Nintendo GBA. Is saving the Ham-Ham's love from Spat the all-fibber fun or a flop?

Atlantis: Milo's Return Movie Review

Jun 04, 2003

The Lost Empire of Atlantis has a new adventure in store for you as Milo returns. Check out the scoop on this new DVD release from Disney Pictures!

Video Game Summer Camp

Jun 05, 2003

Want to spend your summer playing and designing, video games? Gary's got the 411 on a totally cool summer camp for gamers!

Dragon Ball Z CCG: Buu Saga Cards

Jun 06, 2003

The Dragonball Z card game is bringing you the toughest battle ever with the Buu Saga! What's the power level of this new set?

Sindy's Blog - June 5, 2003

Jun 06, 2003

Why is Dylan acting like I'm some annoying, kid sister, instead of a potential GF? I am so fed up with dealing with boys!

Quiz the Coach - I Wanna Play Soccer

Jun 09, 2003

I would really like to have a soccer team at my school and so would other kids. Is there any way my school can have a soccer team?

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Game Cheats: Red Ring Walkthrough

Jun 09, 2003

Need a video game cheat code to defeat a boss, or a walk-through for a level? Gary has the 411 for The Legend of Zelda for GBA!

Nintendo Drops Gamecube Price

Jun 09, 2003

Nintendo has big news for Canadian gamers! The Gamecube just got cooler cuz the price is dropping. Get the 411 right here!

The Italian Job

Jun 09, 2003

Amazing car chase scenes and Seth Green at his hysterical best. Forget The Matrix - The Italian Job is the movie you have to see!

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What is your fave thing to do after school?
  • I have an after school job.
  • I like to skateboard or play video games.
  • I like to go to the mall and shop 'til I drop!
  • I am in a ton of groups at school: social club, cheerleading, debate team, etc. - so there is always a meeting to attend.