The Bee Movie Game Trailer - Watch it Here!

The Bee Movie Game puts you in the shoes of Barry Bee Benson (Jerry Seinfeld) as he explores the world outside the hive, meets Vanessa Bloom (Renee Zellwegger) and challenges Layton T. Montgomery to a legal battle as he sues humans for stealing honey! You'll be flying through the city, racing through the hive and battling dragonflies in this game when it drops on October 30, 2007. But, you can check out the action now by downloading the Bee Movie Game trailer!

Bee Movie Game - Launch Trailer Video Download

Kidzworld's got it first, an exclusive look at the game action with the video trailer for the Bee Movie Game. All you have to do to catch the action is choose a size, small or large, and click the link below!
  • Bee Movie Game Trailer (small) - .mov file (34MB)
  • Bee Movie Game Trailer (big) - .mov file (86MB)
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