Becoming a Marine Biologist

Feb 17, 2003

Are you interested in working with the ocean and want to know what it takes? Susan Parks is working her way to becoming a marine biologist. Read on to find out how you can get her job.

Working with Pop Stars

Feb 03, 2003

Imagine a job where you tour with *NSYNC and watch other pop stars audition. Before you apply, know this - you don't get to drool over Justin Timberlake all day. There is a lot of hard work involved.

Lil' Romeo Interview

Feb 24, 2003

Tons of members wrote Kidzworld asking questions about Lil' Romeo - one of the hottest rap artists on the planet. So we went to the source and had Romeo respond to all your burning questions.

NASA Sniffer

Feb 04, 2003

George Aldrich doesn't work with his hands. He uses his nose. As a professional sniffer for NASA he smells just about everything that goes up in a space shuttle, including adult diapers.

Ludwig van Beethoven Biography

Feb 24, 2003

Some people say the greatest classical composer was deaf his entire life and that he died a poor man. They obviously don't know their Beethoven. You're not silly enough to believe them, are you?

Should You Have to Dissect?

Feb 24, 2003

Does the thought of dissecting an animal in science class gross you out? Well, quit being a squeamish baby about it and start cutting open some skin.

Dating Dos and Don'ts

Feb 06, 2003

Hey guys! We know that dating can be just as tough for you as it is for girls. We've decided to give you a little advice - from both the sexes - which will hopefully make things easier.

Metal Fabricator

Feb 28, 2003

What job involves the skillful joining of metal pieces to make bridges, frames for construction and just about every object used in every day life?

Sculptor Bruce Gray

Feb 20, 2003

Being a sculptor might not let you live like a king but if you're Bruce Gray, you can see your work on TV. Find out more about this cool artist!

Man Races Horse...and Other Showdowns

Feb 03, 2003

A man raced a horse across the desert in the blazing sun and a wrestler went toe to toe with an 800 pound bear. Here's a look at some of the great showdowns between humans and animals.

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