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Ninjatown for Nintendo DS

Despite being the 11th stage in the game, level 3.3 NTSE Plaza is perhaps the hardest level in , Ninjatown to get an A-rank in. This is probably because you still have very little in terms of Ninjas, tokens, and special abilities. As well, you must defend the Ninjatown Sugar Exchange from some of the fastest, slipperiest, and toughest of Mr. Demon's minions. Even the slightest scratch on the building will automatically demote you to a B-rank, making it also the most frustrating level in the game.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get that elusive A-rank without feeling too much stress. Be sure to read a wave or two ahead to make sure you're prepared and always have your Ol' Master Ninja powers ready in case of emergency! Remember, if you're aiming for the A-rank, there is no point in continuing after the building has been hit. If that happens, just restart and try again.

Ninjatown's hardest level, NTSE Plaza will be easy as pie once you've read the walkthrough

The Waves:

Wave 01: Level 1 Wee Devils coming in from the left
At the start of the stage, build a house for your Wee Ninjas on spaces 9 and 14. Hit the green Fast Forward button on the bottom right-hand corner of your touch screen and build two more Wee Ninja houses on spaces 10 and 18.
Be sure to touch the houses and move the flag towards the middle. You will want to create a lot of traffic in that area so that it is hard for anything to get through.
When you can afford it, build a Business Ninja house on space 16. Hit the Fast Forward button once you beat the first wave.

Wave 02: Level 1 Wee Devils coming in from the right
When you can afford it, build some more Wee Ninja houses, this time on spaces 4 and 5. Be sure to move the flag down and towards the middle. These guys will be your last line of defense so, if anything walks past them, you should be using Get Off My Lawn! to blow them right back down.
Once this wave is done and you're finished building, hit Fast Forward again.

Wave 03: Level 1 Business Devils coming in from the left
If you haven't build Wee Ninja houses on spaces 4 and 5 yet, build it now while your Ninjas are fighting. Once the fighting is over, hit Fast Forward again and take a well-deserved rest.

Wave 04: Level 1 Business Devils coming in from the right
We're saving money right now, so take the time to watch your Ninjas while they're hard at work. Don't forget to hit Fast Forward when they're done. This should be done whenever possible.

Wave 05: Level 2 Wee Devils coming in from both sides
You may need to use your Ol' Master Ninja powers here if anything gets past your Wee Ninjas from spaces 4 and 5. When you can afford it, build Sniper Ninja houses on spaces 13, 15, 17, and 19. Build one and 17 first, then 15 and finally 19. Hit Fast Forward and get your Blowing powers ready again.

Wave 06: Level 2 Winged Devils coming in from the right
Your Sniper Ninjas should just barely be able to keep the Winged Devils away. However, if one or two do sneak by, you will need to blow him back into range. Be sure to finish building the Sniper Ninja house on space 13 before hitting the Fast Forward button.

Wave 07: Level 2 Winged Devils coming in from the left
If you didn't need to blow for the last wave, you probably won't need to do so for this one either. Upgrade the Wee Ninjas from space 9 and 10 whenever you can, since they can't fight flying Devils anyways.

Wave 08: Level 2 Business Devils coming in from both sides
Hopefully you did not need to blow back any Winged Devils because you will definitely need to use it here. When blowing back the Business Devils, control the wind downwards and jiggle it from the left to right a few times to get past anyone that might be blocking the way. Upgrade the Sniper Ninjas on 15 and 17 as soon as you can and upgrade the Business Ninjas as well if they get weakened. If you still have enough cookies left over, upgrade the Snipers on 17 and 13 as well.

Wave 09: Level 3 Wee Devils coming in from both sides
You can upgrade the Wee Ninjas from spaces 4 and 5 whenever you can afford it since the rest of your Ninjas should be able to prevent the Wee Devils from getting that far. After that, start building Snow Ninja houses on spaces 8 and 11.

Wave 10: Level 3 Winged Devils coming in from both sides
Upgrade your Wee Ninjas from 9 and 10 again during this fight. Have your blow back ability ready, but you shouldn't need to use it if all your Snipers are level 2.

Wave 11: Level 3 Business Devils coming in from both sides
You will definitely need to have your blow back ability ready for this wave. Again, blow back downwards but jiggle the wind left and right to get around anyone that might be blocking your way. Start building Anti-Ninjas on spaces 1 and 2. You should have enough cookies left to upgrade the Sniper on space 17 as well, so do that before hitting Fast Forward.

Wave 12: Level 4 Winged Devils coming in from the right
Upgrade your Anti-Ninjas on 1 and 2 when you can. Be sure to move the flag down towards the middle. Get yourself ready and hit the Fast Forward button one last time. After this, you probably won't have any break time between the last three waves.

Wave 13: Level 4 Chubby Devils coming in from both sides
Get the Magnifryer ability ready and wait until the Chubby Devils get to the middle. As soon as one of them gets there, start frying them! Try to get as many as you can to help your Ninjas along. If any Ninjas pulls a disappearing act to run home and rest, you should upgrade them. This is especially true for the Business Ninja on 16 and the Wee Ninjas on 14 and 18.

Wave 14: Level 4 Wee Devils coming in from both sides
As I said before, you probably will still be fighting the Chubby Devils when these Wee Devils come, so pay attention! Have your blow back ability ready for anyone that gets past your Anti-Ninjas, which shouldn't be many. If you have the cookies, build Training Dojos on spaces 3 and 6.

Wave 15: Level 4 Business Devils coming in from both sides
A few Chubby Devils will probably still be on the screen by the time the final wave of Business Devils come power-walking along. For these guys you will definitely need to blow back any that get past your Anti-Ninjas, especially since the Anti-Ninjas tend to miss when trying to hit the Business Devils. Don't forget to wiggle the wind direction around when blowing back so that you can blow these minions right back to the middle where your Business Ninjas are waiting.

If you make it all the way here, then you're done! Congratulations! As long as no enemy has touched the NTSE building and you have been tapping the Fast Forward button whenever you can, you should now have an A-rank on this stage!

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