Barbie As Rapunzel - DVD Review

Nov 13, 2002

Wanna lose yourself in a cool fantasy-style animated flick? Then look no further than the new Barbie As Rapunzel DVD. How do we rate it? Read on to see if it makes our hot list!

Quiz! Which First Job Suits You?

Nov 13, 2002

Even though your first job may not be a total dream, picking something somewhat in tune with your style and ambitions may help a little. Not sure what job would suit you? Take our quiz and find out!

Win a Barbie As Rapunzel DVD!

Nov 15, 2002

The world's most popular doll has gone from sitting pretty on store shelves to coming alive on DVD. Escape to a fantasy world with Barbie As Rapunzel. Enter the Barbie contest to win Barbie's new DVD!

K2 Kandi Snowboard

Nov 14, 2002

A sickly-sweet new snowboard has arrived this winter and it's more fun than a mountain packed with fresh powder. Check out the Kandi from K2 - a snowboard designed especially for girls who love to ride.

Quiz! Which Angel Sidekick Are You?

Nov 14, 2002

When Angel moved to Los Angeles, he went from being a sidekick to having his own sidekicks. Find out which of Angel's sidekicks you are most like by taking our quiz, Which Angel Sidekick Are You?

Quiz! Test Your Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Skills

Nov 18, 2002

To be a master Yu-Gi-Oh! duelist you have to know all the cards, all the facts and all the strategies so you can win. Do you have the skills to be the best? Find out with Kidzworld's Yu-Gi-Oh! quiz!

Quiz the Coach - My Cheer Team Sucks!

Nov 16, 2002

There's this that guy I have played b-ball with at the YMCA and now we're both trying out for the school JV team. He says he's already made the team because his dad knows the coach. What should I do?

Quiz! Test Your Grooming Smarts!

Nov 16, 2002

How much do you know about looking good and smelling nice? Do you know who invented the toothbrush or what causes athlete's foot? Test your grooming smarts with some squeaky clean trivia.

Win a BoomBox, B2K & 3LW X-Mas CDs!

Nov 16, 2002

The weather may be getting cooler in parts of the world but we've got a really HOT contest to warm you up! You could win a funky Sony Boombox and X-Mas CDs by B2K and 3LW. Check it out!

Survivor 5 Thailand - Episode 9

Nov 18, 2002

So you watched episode 9 of Survivor and saw NYC police officer Ken Stafford get voted off. Did ya know it was coming? Kidzworld's giving you the chance to vote on who'll be the next tribe member voted off Survivor Thailand.

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Quiz! Which Beyblade Bladebreaker Are You?

You're having lunch in the cafeteria when a couple of peeps nearby start getting rowdy. What do you do?
  • Step in and break up the argument so nobody gets hurt.
  • Move to a new table so they don't spill your lunch.
  • Talk to them and see if you can calm them down.
  • Find out what the problem is and tell them how to solve it.