Dear Dish-It, I Think My BF Cheated

Nov 21, 2002

My boyfriend gave me his email password and when I checked it, I found an email from another girl talking about how they got together. I'm so mad, I can't even talk to him. What should I do?

Quiz the Coach - My 'Rents Won't Let Me Skate!

Nov 25, 2002

Avril Lavigne is my role model. I know she skateboards and I want to learn as well. The problem is my mom and dad won't let me get a board. They say it's too dangerous. How can I convince them?

Survivor 5 Thailand - Episode 10

Nov 25, 2002

On this episode of Survivor Thailand, Jake becomes Jake the Snake, Clay spreads rumors like a high school gossip and Penny has not just one, but four torches snuffed out on her way to being voted out.

Dear Dish-It, Should I Just Forget Her?

Nov 25, 2002

I'm 15 and in love. But my girl lives about 45 minutes away.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Free Sickles and Beans :: Game Cheats

Nov 23, 2002

The new Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets games are here for PS2, Game Boy, Xbox, Gamecube and PC! Are you ready for the second year at Hogwarts? With these new Harry Potter cheat codes you are!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets :: Boss Walkthroughs

Nov 23, 2002

Stuck in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC or Gameboy? Gary has the cheats for you!

Dear Dish-It, Who Do I Date?

Nov 28, 2002

I am bisexual and am dating a really nice guy that knows I'm bisexual. But now I found a girl that I like a lot who's also bisexual. I'm just really confused about who I should be with. I need help!

Quiz! What's Your Job Personality?

Nov 27, 2002

Did you ever wonder what career matches your personality? Think you're best suited to be a world-renowned novelist or a city garbage truck driver? Take Kidzworld's free online quiz and get a glimpse into your job future!

Harry Potter, 007, Metroid & more!

Nov 27, 2002

What's Nintendo up to this holiday season? You can find out with the wicked new Nintendo Legacy of Metroid Prime DVD. Want to know how to get one and what's on it? Get your Nintendo 411 here!

Dieting Advice - Eating Tips

Nov 28, 2002

"How can you lose weight but still eat chocolate? Why does a girl's period stop after she starts exercising a lot?" Kidzworld has the answers to your questions on weight loss, diets and eating right.

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